Your ArtKeeper Update: Dani Cabs Checks In


Your ArtKeeper Update: Dani Cabs Checks In


One of the biggest highlights of 2021, the ArtKeeper Program has reached the midpoint for our artists.

The four creatives have made themselves right at home and continue to be source of energy throughout HOTA. Supporting four incredibly talent artists through difficult times is something HOTA will carry with pride for years to come.

With our humble brag over – we thought it was time you got to hear from the artists themselves. Over the next four weeks you’ll be introduced to each artist and get to know them a little better. Each with their own story, the artists are walking, talking embodiments of creativity.

Now without further ado…the first cab of the rank – Dani Cabs.

The highlight to many of our days, Dani has brought to life characters who bring out the joy, fun and sometimes dirty bits of life. For HOTA, he’s our daily reminder that play is the source of life and something that never has to end.

Finally, it’s your turn to meet him.

#Meet Dani Cabs

Your Challenge: Summarise the start of your comedy/art career in 10 words or less.

DC: Tried everything for 30 years. Failed repeatedly, became Clown.

Poncho Orange was born in 2016, why is now the right time to resurrect him? What can we expect from Poncho Orange 2.0?

DC: I created the original Poncho Orange when I was still very new to the clowning/comedy world, it was a lot of experimentation. One thing I loved about Poncho was his ability to break down barriers – he could get away with anything, but on the flipside, he wasn’t really saying anything to inspire or create change. I knew I always wanted to create another show with him but needed time to learn more about performance and think about what Poncho really wanted to say.

So, this new show, titled ‘Keep it Up!’ is an older and wiser Poncho using his cheekiness and sense of play to entertain and make people laugh, but also rattle some feathers, so audiences could possibly walk away with some seeds firmly planted in their noggins.

How did Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Richard Gadd inspire you?

DC: Phoebe’s original stage play Fleabag and Gadd’s Baby Reindeer showed me the power that a well written funny script being performed by one person could have on audiences. Both shows won top prizes at Edinburgh Fringe and toured extensively reaching tens of thousands of people. Both shows were funny, silly, honest, brave, and incredibly heart wrenching at times. It reminded me that a solo artist has the power to create change and educate. So, after years of lacking inspiration to make a new solo work, they peeled back the thick skin needed for me to sink my pearly whites into this juicy orange….if you know what I mean?

Which part of HOTA’s ArtKeeper program excites you the most?

DC: I get paid to write and create – that’s super dooper exciting! I hope it’s a program that keeps on running for many years to come and I hope many more institutions and councils look at this program and start their own version.

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