HOTA Artist Fund – Rage Against The V(irus)

HOTA Artist Fund – Rage Against The V(irus)

Rapid Response Expressions of Interest

Expressions of interest close Friday 15 May, 2020.

What’s it all about?

Some of the most used words over the past weeks are ‘uncertain’ ‘unprecedented’ ‘rapidly-evolving’.  At HOTA we believe that artists are resilient, resourceful and perfectly placed to respond and reflect on the world we find ourselves in.

Our response is for HOTA to step up and show solidarity with the creative community. Without artists there is no home of the arts. We remain deeply committed to continuing to support artists and art-making here and now.

What we’re looking for

We want to support great art and ideas that sit at the edges of artistic and cultural practice. This is an opportunity to develop an imperfect and unformed idea, or an idea that you have had formulating for some time.  It is both creative development and presentation at speed.  It is the chance to experiment with new forms, think outside the box, do things differently.  Think of it as an incubator, developed and delivered from your home.  Project duration is up to one week.

What we’re offering

Up to $1000 cash for a project that takes up to and no longer than one week of your time to deliver.  It may be imperfectly executed, subject to change and incomplete, but it must have an online outcome.  This might be a podcast, audio file, Facebook live event, video content, streaming, Instagram or other digital platforms.  Our team will be here to assist.

If you can find a way to sell tickets, fundraise live or run a telethon during your project outcome then you get to keep whatever additional revenue you make.

Are you eligible?

This opportunity is open to Gold Coast-based artists, collectives and organisations (yep, we need to see a GC postcode).  We will also consider artists who have delivered a significant body of work here and can prove a strong connection to the GC. Applicants also need to be either an Australian citizen or permanent resident. HOTA cares deeply collaborations so creating work with your local, national and international colleagues (virtually) will be happily considered (but remember we want you to pay yourselves!).

All artforms are eligible as long as you can deliver a digital outcome.

You will need to have an ABN (or an auspicing body lined up) and we will discuss insurance requirements with you.  HOTA may also need you to complete a WHS audit of your working space or home, so we know you are safe and sound.

Practical considerations

  • We believe that artists need to be paid for their work. These rapid response grants are up to $1,000 (including materials) so we insist you only spend up to one week of your time on your project from inception to delivery. You can break up your project over several weeks if you need to, but you still shouldn’t spend more than a week total on it.
  • Your idea must have a digital outcome and HOTA will proudly present these projects and may use them in the future through our digital platforms and for promotional purposes (the intellectual property of course will remain with you and you will be credited at all times).
  • All projects must happen off-site – sorry, in the interests of public safety HOTA is currently closed to the public. When we re-open we will happily reassess this approach.
  • You need to consider how you will develop and deliver your project while following social distancing guidelines, factoring in the potential for future government-issued public health advice – we want you to stay healthy and safe during this time.
  • Marketing: HOTA will absolutely shout from the rooftops about you through our channels and networks. We will also be looking to you to support us by promoting your event to your existing audiences and networks.
  • Reporting: We’ll ask you to answer a 5 minute (maximum, we promise) online survey after your project is complete to help us collect essential data.

Key dates and selection process

Expressions of interest will be considered by HOTA’s curatorial team.

This is a rolling program and you can apply anytime from Friday 20 March to Friday 15 May 2020.

All projects must be complete by Friday 29 May 2020. We will work with successful artists to schedule your digital outcome date where appropriate.

Notification of outcome:  If you apply by any Thursday during the program, we will notify you of the outcome by the following Wednesday.

Note: Depending on the volume of applications, we may need to reassess these timelines and will let you know if anything changes. In the spirit of rapidly responding to the local sector’s needs, we acknowledge this program may also evolve over the course of its delivery.


Have questions about your eligibility? Do you need any help figuring out if your proposal may fit? Please read the FAQs for this program on our website or contact us if you want to discuss your ideas further.

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Ready to apply?

Image credit: Agents of Confusion performance of ‘FIRE’, curated by The Walls Arts Space. Supported by HOTA’s Creative Development Program 2019.