Make a Gift in your Will Encore!

If you have been enriched by the performing and visual arts throughout your life there is a way you can ensure that your passion will continue beyond your lifetime and enrich future generations. After you have made provision for your family and friends, you may consider including HOTA as a beneficiary in your Will. You can make your gift in a number of different ways:

A residuary bequest is the residue of your estate after all debts, charges and other bequests have been deducted. This form of gift maintains its relative value over a period of time. You can choose to give –

  • A percentage of your estate after family has been provided for
  • A specific bequest of money (dollar amount)
  • A specific bequest of property, shares, jewellery, etc
  • A specific gift of artwork that falls within the City Gallery Collection Policy

One way of ensuring your gift will bring the most benefit is to leave a bequest which can be used at the discretion of HOTA. However, if you would like your gift to benefit a specific area we are happy to discuss this with you.

Suggested Will Wording

Our suggested wording for a bequest benefiting HOTA Gold Coast, either in your new Will or in a separate Codicil attached to your existing Will:

I give and Bequeath free of all duties, death, estate, succession or otherwise, State or Federal, to:

Gold Coast Arts Centre Pty Ltd (ABN 86 060 787 466) for general purposes:

  • The sum of $ (xxxxxx) OR
  • The residue of my estate OR
  • A (x) % share of the residue of my estate OR
  • All of my property known as (PROPERTY FOLIO NUMBER) situated at (ADDRESS OF PROPERTY) or (SPECIFIC SHARES/JEWELLERY/

If any of my nominated beneficiaries predecease me, the bequest shall not fail but I give the share of my deceased beneficiary to Gold Coast Arts Centre Pty Ltd.

AND I declare that the receipt of the Chairman or Authorised Officer of Gold Coast Arts Centre Pty Ltd shall be a sufficient discharge to my Executors for my bequest.


Making a gift in your Will to HOTA creates a lasting gift that sustains a culturally vibrant and creative society on the Gold Coast. For that reason and if you so desire, we would like to include people who advise us that they have included a gift in their Will to HOTA as members of our Encore! Program.

As an Encore! member, you will give us the opportunity to thank you personally for your contribution to enriching the cultural life on the Gold Coast beyond your lifetime. While your gift will look after our future, we would like to thank you and ensure that you enjoy your connection to Hota and City Gallery today.

We will keep you up-to-date with current and planned programs at the Centre and Gallery, share with you our achievements and give you special recognition. So please be proud of your generosity and notify us if you have made provision in your Will for a gift to HOTA. We do not need to know the details of your gift if you prefer that to remain confidential.

Our Encore! Members

The Board and Management HOTA would like to acknowledge and thank the following Encore! members who have advised us that HOTA is a beneficiary in their Will. It is only through the foresight of these special individuals and families that the sustained development and enhancement of the arts will become a reality for the future generations of the Gold Coast.

Encore! Members
John & Bonnie Bauld
Don Robertson

Encore! Members Realised Bequests

Estate of Gerda Pinter
Estate of Cassia Jay

How to contact us

If you would like to talk about making a gift in your Will to HOTA or advise us that you have already included a gift to us in your Will, please contact our Development Team on (07) 5588 4003