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Zen AF


Tim Baker

About This Project:

Best-selling author Tim Baker explores the strange and confronting world of Vipassana meditation, in this raw, poignant and hilarious spoken word performance.

Tim’s journey from sceptical meditation novice to dedicated Vipassana practitioner was inspired by a cancer diagnosis which forced him to deeply contemplate his own mortality. The 10-day silent retreats in the Sunshine Coast hinterland  take Tim on an often bewildering internal journey as he seeks to make peace with his profoundly challenging personal circumstances. From a restless mind, to a rotating roster of bodily aches and pains, to something approaching an out of body experience, Tim recounts his conflicted, love/hate relationship with Vipassana with unflinching honesty and a dark, dry sense of humour.

Ultimately, Zen AF shows how the practice of mindfulness can deliver unexpected and extraordinary benefits in facing life’s deepest challenge – our inevitable mortality.

The Project Outcome:

Listen to Zen AF now. Please note, Zen AF contains strong language and is recommended for mature audiences.

About the Artist:

Tim Baker is an award-winning author, journalist and storyteller specializing in surfing history and culture, working across a wide variety of media from books and magazines to film, video, and theatre.

Tim is the best-selling author of The Rip Curl Story, Occy, High Surf, Bustin’ Down The Door,  Surf For Your Life, Century of Surf and Surfari.  He is a former editor of Tracks, Surfing Life and Slow Living magazines, and a three-time winner of the Surfing Australia Hall of Fame Culture Award.


Zen AF has been supported by HOTA, Home of the Arts through HOTA’s Artist Fund, Rage Against The V(irus). 

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