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You can’t be a home for art without artists. HOTA is committed to giving Gold Coast artists, performers and creatives a place to thrive.

Do you love local art and artists as much as we do?  Donate $10 (or more) today to create opportunities for the development of our homegrown talent.

With your help, we aim to raise $50,000 for professional workshops, commissions, mentorships, discounts and more.

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With your support, we’ll make great things happen!

If you love the value that art and creative thinking brings to our community, donate $10 today.


“Having a place to showcase your work is the most important thing for anyone pursuing an artistic career. Having places like HOTA gives local artists a platform to create and display work, to learn from workshops and to get inspired by world class performances and exhibitions. It’s fuel for the future creatives.” – Kiel Tillman, local artist


Artwork by Kiel Tillman – legendary local artist, illustrator, designer and painter

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