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Zachary Fahey

About This Project:

The Gold Coast is home to some of the most exciting musicians in Australia. Music writer, producer, publicist and all-around fan Zac Fahey now launches Unpacked, a new video series featuring interviews with Gold Coast musicians who have released an exceptional single over the past 12 months.

Each interview will dive deep into the inner workings of the song, deconstructing musical parts, discussing inspiration, lyrical content, recording, writing techniques and all the other unique considerations that went into the creation.

With demonstrations, acoustic performances, and breakdowns of the technical aspects of music, Zac’s new series is perfect for anyone who loves, or is curious about, the creation of music.

The Project Outcome:

Stay tuned as Zac unpacks music with the below artists.

Ella Fence – Tue 28 Apr
Denny Hilder (Peach Fur) – Wed 29 Apr
Eliza Klatt (Eliza & The Delusionals) – Thu 21 May
Graham Ashton (Gesticulations) – Fri 22 May
Jon Doe (Gratis Minds) – Mon 25 May
Michael McCartney – Tue 26 May

Episode 6 – Michael McCartney (Premieres 7pm, Tue 26 May)

Episode 5 – Jon Doe (Premieres 7pm, Mon 25 May)

Episode 4 – Graham Ashton (Premieres 7pm, Fri 22 May)

Episode 3 – Eliza Klatt (Premieres 7pm, Thu 21 May)

Episode 2 – Denny Hilder (Premieres 7pm, Wed 29 Apr)

Episode 1 – Ella Fence (Premieres 7pm, Tue 28 Apr)

About the Artist:

Zachary Fahey has been living and breathing music for the past 15 years. Starting his career as a musician after graduating from university, he eventually gravitated towards the industry, cutting his teeth at the label services company Footstomp Music. Footstomp saw him working on everything from booking venues and managing artists to heading up publicity campaigns for international record companies. More recently Zac has turned to freelancing, lending his services to BLEACH* Festival, Gold Coast Film Festival, BIGSOUND, ABC Radio, Music Industry College, Blank GC and Tafe QLD.

Read more about Zac and some of his other interviews and reviews at Blank GC.


Unpacked has been supported by HOTA, Home of the Arts through HOTA’s Artist Fund, Rage Against The V(irus). 

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Image credit: HOTA Lakeside Sessions, Photo by Scott Belzner.