Time Has Fallen Asleep


Aaron Chapman

About This Project:

Time Has Fallen Asleep is a video work showing global solidarity in how humanity rages against coronavirus — by remaining at home.

EarthCam, a leading network of live streaming webcams, has given Chapman access to before and during coronavirus footage. Watch as once busy metropolis streets become abandoned. Watch the emptiness knowing we’re united behind closed doors.

Time Has Fallen Asleep presents a window to the world during coronavirus, and is punctuated by windows of Chapman’s life at home during this time.

The Project Outcome:

Please see Aaron Chapman’s Time Has Fallen Asleep below.

About the Artist:

Aaron Chapman is a visual artist and writer whose work is motivated by themes of home and family and often considers people and their relation to place. Chapman is at the precipice of a shifting practice, moving away from narrative photography and traditional photographic presentations into installation and temporary public art. This exciting and ambitious shift will be evidenced at Bleach* Festival 2020.

Chapman’s poetry and prose has appeared in international publications while his photography has been widely exhibited on Australian shores at venues including Head On Photo Festival and the Centre for Contemporary Photography. In 2019, Chapman was a Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize semi-finalist, and a finalist in the Australian Life Photography Competition at Art & About Sydney.


This project has come to life Courtesy of EarthCam.

Time Has Fallen Asleep has been supported by HOTA, Home of the Arts through HOTA’s Artist Fund, Rage Against The V(irus). 

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Image credit: Aaron Chapman. Photo by Trent Mitchel.