The Magic Garden

Shock Therapy Productions

Do you believe in the power of IMAGINATION? The Magic Garden is a fun-fuelled interactive journey of exploration and creativity for families.

Join “Pat Malone”, a bush adventurer and Mythical Creature Researcher as he embarks on specialized research into Autonomous Imaginary Species, or A.I.S.

These are creatures that begin in the imagination, or in the collective consciousness, and then become real, physical creatures that have a life all of their own! Now, it might sound crazy and I bet you’re wondering how it’s possible…

Along the way, you will meet mythical Australian creatures, observe them in their habitat, be mesmerized by their physicality, and laugh out loud as each has a physical encounter with Pat. Inspired by classic family fantasy stories like “The Neverending Story” and “Alice in Wonderland”, Shock Therapy have fused Physical Theatre, Slapstick and the good old Aussie yarn to create a colourful and iconic piece about the nature of reality and the power of the mind over matter.

But you have to BELIEVE!

“The show he show evolves around the power of a child’s imagination…” Read an interview with the team at Shock Therapy about The Magic Garden here.

This production of The Magic Garden was originally commissioned and produced by Bleach* Festival 2016.

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