Terror Australis


2019 Bleach* The Gold Coast Festival event.

Welcome to a sunburnt country, where cars rule, hitchhiking kills and dingoes eat babies.

Terror Australis is a grindhouse cabaret edgier than a serial killer’s machete. Performed by psycho-siren Leah Shelton (Polytoxic, The Brides of Frank), this f**ked-up outback Contiki tour is a frothing hot mess of black comedy, anti-burlesque, live art and Hills-Hoist-pole-dance.

Trapped inside a sweltering pulp film mash-up, Shelton trawls through the roadkill of the Australian national identity to reveal a litany of brutality and paranoia, drenched in sweat and beer.

Australian performance artist Leah Shelton’s work sits in the sweet spot between cabaret, anti-burlesque and live art. She creates wild, stylised, visually striking works, soaked in cult references and wicked humour.

Terror Australis is a blood-splattered, lip-synched, utterly beautiful nightmare, packed full of urban myth, cultural tropes and goon. Be amazed, horrified and electrified by Shelton’s award-winning, boundary-smashing show. It hacks Australia to pieces.

Presented by Bleach* and HOTA, Home of the Arts

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