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Blue Love

The Arts Centre Gold Coast presents Blue Love 

Shaun Parker & Company

Infused with intense physical theatre, film and dance, Shaun Parker’s Blue Love is a poetic and satirical take on the clichés of pop culture, romance, coupledom and suburbia. From a fantastic place where TV soap meets art-house film, Glenn and Rhonda Flune take the audience on an expedition in search of the perfect relationship.

Blue Love is inspired by famous works of art, theatre, music and film; all of which deal with the concept of love. Glenn and Rhonda draw on and reference all of these art forms, parodying the lip-service given to love and its incarnations. This quirky, character-based work is a multi-media, physical theatre comedy: accessible, challenging and enormously entertaining.

Shaun Parker is a multi-award-winning choreographer whose work has spanned film, television and live theatre. He’s worked with Meryl Tankard’s Australian Dance Theatre, Force Majeure, Sydney Theatre Company, Sydney Dance Company, London’s Cultural Olympiad and more. He has choreographed for So You Think You Can Dance, and was a featured dancer in Moulin Rouge. His comic dance-theatre work Blue Love has been rapturously received by critics and audiences alike.

Blue Love is so much fun it can’t possibly be good for you. Shaun Parker and Veronica Neave apply their well-honed dance skills to a movement based parody of an upwardly mobile young couple who trip over their pretensions and their relationship with hilarious unpredictability.’
The Sydney Morning Herald

‘A funny, inspiring, heart-wrenching journey that turns an hour into a long exciting moment. Parker is a genius.’
Simon Ferguson, The Daily Telegraph

Recommended 16+. This performance contains adult themes and nudity.

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