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The HOTA Project

The HOTA Project

The HOTA precinct is the centrepiece of the Gold Coast Cultural Precinct masterplan. The Masterplan lays out the City’s vision for a central cultural precinct for the city’s thriving cultural and artistic activity and is the blueprint which guides the evolution of the precinct over the next 10 to 15 years as the city’s artistic and cultural needs grow.

The HOTA Project is a City of Gold Coast project and the buildings and infrastructure at HOTA, Home of the Arts are city assets. The City, guided by the Cultural Precinct Masterplan, decide on the scope, scale, and next stages of the project as funding is identified.

Stages of the HOTA Project (so far):

  • Stage 1a: $37.5 million Outdoor Stage opened in Feb 2018
  • Stage 1b: $19.5 million bridge connecting HOTA to Chevron Island opened Feb 2020.
  • Stage 1b (part 2): $60.5 million new HOTA Gallery, opened Sat 8 May 2021.

The City is currently considering the next stages of development at HOTA.

You can find out more about the HOTA Project on the City of Gold Coast’s website.


Image credit: City of Gold Coast

HOTA Gallery

Outdoor Stage

HOTA Bridge

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