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Sweet Search for Skin


Gabrielle Stanley

About This Project:

In this most unusual time, the feel of another person’s skin and the sensation of receiving touch now sit at a boundary that is difficult to cross. A comforting hug is currently viewed with an element of danger while past social interactions and pleasant exchanges now evoke a sense of longing and nostalgia.

Whilst some of us are left with the ability to feel the touch of a select few, for others, more vulnerable or isolated, there is no physical contact at all.

In response to this loss of touch Gabrielle will produce a short stop-motion film. It will follow the journey of Sweet, a polymer clay character who traverses a material landscape in search of the elusive touch of skin. The film endeavours to strip back the protective layers the world is now hidden behind and explore the act of touch and our longing for tactility.

The Project Outcome:

Gabrielle’s short film will premiere below on Fri 29 May.

About the Artist:

Gabrielle Stanley is an emerging artist and graduate of Queensland College of Art, Griffith University. She works with many mediums including sculpture, photography, film, printmaking and installation. A Gold Coast resident since 1996, she is acutely aware of the way in which the old is so readily replaced by the new, and questions what is lost in this transition. Gabrielle’s practice explores themes around nostalgia, memory and how time impacts the way we value and devalue the old and the new: objects, places, experiences and people. This focus has in part, developed from her work as a registered nurse where she is exposed to intimate moments of life, care and death, heightening her awareness of the impact of time on our lives, bodies, belongings and memories. The documentation of ‘a time’, effects of time, and taking time to make observations are central to her work.


Sweet Search for Skin has been supported by HOTA, Home of the Arts through HOTA’s Artist Fund: Rage against the V(irus).

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Image credit: Sweet Search for Skin, early concept 1, by Gabrielle Stanley.