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Veople search for meaning in memory

4 Jul 2019

Veople search for meaning in memory

Multi-disciplinary local artist Jay Jermyn and musician Julian Currie are recipients of funding and support from our first Creative Development Program. They applied for funding towards their project Veople, an experimental electronic-indie music performance.

Veople is the collaboration between Jay and Julian. Their music lies between an intersection of guitars and electronic production, forming atmospheric soundscapes with an undercurrent of house-oriented rhythms that instil a nostalgic feeling of euphoria.

“The idea of Veople from its inception was for it to be a collaborative platform where members, medium, visual components and direction of Veople is transient; the band’s purpose is to deliver thought-provoking work, not confined by location, structure or audience. The idea for this project based around the degradation of memory has been a long process for us, it’s taken a few years to settle into the form it is now,’ said Jay.

From presenting as a band at Bleach* Festival, to performing as an experimental music group, to exhibiting as a multi-media AC installation, Veople continues to push the boundaries of art and collaboration.

‘The Creative Development Program has helped Veople in giving us a platform and the support to undertake our most ambitious work yet and by doing that it has pushed us to work with more collaborators to evolve our live performance to a level we’ve previously been yet to reach, Its given us the push of confidence,’ said Jay

On 17 Aug, Veople and Gold Coast artists Agents of Confusion and psych-groove band Free the Genie will perform together on our Outdoor Stage in a glorious collaboration of emerging local talent.

This concert forms part of Veople’s most ambitious project to date as they perform and record a new soundtrack as part of a larger conceptual work, soon to be transformed into a physical contemporary art installation in a gallery setting.

Of Veople’s ambitions for this work, Jay told us:

‘We have two hopes for this work to move forward, the first being the completion and presentation of the second half of the project. That being the physical execution of the degradation in a contemporary art setting. The second is for the band to continue to perform in more settings like arts and music festivals like Dark MOFO and Mutek to releasing new music towards the end of 2019.’

See Veople, Agents of Confusion and Free the Genie on our Outdoor Stage on 17 Aug.


Follow Veople or Agents of Confusion.


Agents of Confusion are also recipients of the Creative Development Program. You can read more about their project here.

This project has been supported by HOTA Home of Arts and City of Gold Coast through HOTA’s Creative Development Program.