Three things I love about dance and physical theatre

3 May 2019

Three things I love about dance and physical theatre 

Kate Harman, from Award-winning and internationally renowned dance company The Farm, told us the three things she loves best about dance and physical theatre:

  1. I love that dance/physical theatre is a way of expressing and deepening our understanding of our world and our human experience. It is a place to explore beyond the rationale, as the world rarely fits into the neat little Marie Kondo boxes that we would like it to. Life is not black and white, it’s definitely grey and through dance/physical theatre we can experience, witness and process all the complexity and shades of life.
  2. For me movement equals freedom. I have moved my whole life and I really feel it when I haven’t let my body move. When I dance I feel as though I’ve come home. We are physical beings and I know for sure that it is through moving that I process the world and my experience in it.
  3. Movement allows me to escape all the noise in my head and brings me to the present moment. I believe that when we are watching dance, movement, physical theatre or whatever you want to call it, the beauty is in that moment of truly being in and experiencing the body of both the performer and yours as you watch it.


Greenhouse by The Farm

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