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The Sanctuary - a place to tinker, reflect and think

11 Oct 2019

The Sanctuary – a place to tinker, reflect and think

The Sanctuary by The Farm is one of the 12 projects that are receiving funding and support from our Creative Development Program.

Award-winning and internationally renowned dance company The Farm are the Gold Coast’s premier dance theatre company. The Sanctuary, is an interactive installation exploring the emotional needs of ageing men, and how these issues play out in individual and collective men’s sheds.

Taking place in the Basement, The Farm will transform the space into a forest and a small wooden cabin. You are invited to enter the space to reflect, tinker or read or you can join The Farm at a Woodchip Session where they will guide you through the experience.

The Farm’s Grayson Millwood told us the inspiration behind the work was the image of men crying, the sense that we are better when we make things and the pleasures of escape.

Of how he expected people to experience the installation he said:

‘Our guess is they’ll start by thinking “Wowzers! Someone built an indoor forest!?”, they’ll move quickly through the whole space, the workshop, the campfire, the cabin, trying to see everything in 5 minutes, and eventually, they will get caught by some aspect, the log books, the sound recordings, the clay, they’ll slow down, read, write, build and then they will ‘get it’.

The Creative Development Program has been key to developing this work.

‘HOTA have been behind this from the beginning, they loved the ambition of a project that changes how people view their building and looked forward to welcoming the Men’s Shed organisation. They are providing us with everything from technicians to the questions I’m answering now.’

Grayson has been enjoying developing this project without the pressure of thinking about its future development.

‘The Farm have a number of projects that are full of schedules and deadlines, and so it feels special to work on a stand-alone event that lives in the present. In the final week of Sanctuary, we will begin another collaboration (Crying Man) with La Boite, and we will clearly be assessing it’s potential afterwards, but for now, we hope to liberate our creativity by taking the pressure off,’ he said.

The Sanctuary can be found in our Basement from 10-22 Nov. Free. Bookings recommended for Woodchip Sessions.  See here for full opening hours and special event times.

In their final week of The Sanctuary you’re invited to peer behind the curtain of this artistic process as the Crying Man is developed.


This project has been supported by HOTA Home of Arts and City of Gold Coast through HOTA’s Creative Development Program.

You can read more about the Creative Development Program here.