The Farm find a home at HOTA

20 Jun 2018

The Farm find a home at HOTA, Home of the Arts

The Farm, the Gold Coast’s premier dance theatre company, has just signed a three-year partnership with HOTA, Home of the Arts to create a launchpad for local creativity.

HOTA CEO Criena Gehrke said ‘You can’t be a home for art without artists.  And at HOTA we particularly love our homegrown Gold Coast artists and creatives. We’re delighted to welcome The Farm, their energy and creativity is exciting and we can’t wait to see what happens.’

By taking up the first homegrown creative residency at the arts precinct The Farm will base their Greenhouse youth ensemble at HOTA and offer the venue “first look” rights at works in progress as potential premieres.

The Farm’s co-artistic director Gavin Webber says the company plans to make the most of the artistic residency by using HOTA as a platform for cultural activations big and small.

“Our plan is to bring new life to the venue by creatively activating different locations – doing things beyond the traditional idea of a “show” in all sorts of places within HOTA,” he said.

“From dance classes to performance to completely new ways for the public to engage with the arts and artists, wwant to be continually reimagining spaces in the precinct.”

Greenhouse artistic director Kate Harman says the group’s local performers will, through the HOTA residency, be given invaluable exposure to the workings of a functioning cultural centre.

For the next generation of performers, there’s no better place to be than a living venue that is turning over productions, rather than being stuck in a rehearsal room learning dance moves,” she said.

“By working inside a real venue, our Greenhouse students will be exposed to all aspects of theatrical productions and the business of arts practice.

“Who knows where their interest lies? Perhaps they join The Greenhouse to perform and then pursue a technical career in maybe sound design or lighting.

“The Farm includes some incredible designers and technicians that can also mentor these future artists.”

Under the Home Company agreement, HOTA could also play host to premieres of new works from The Farm, or exhibitions of works in progress where The Farm preview in-development productions in front of a live audience.

Before bringing The Farm to the Gold Coast, Harman and Webber were based in Germany and part of a resident company attached to Stadttheater Freiburg, a multi-space, multi-disciplinary performing arts hub that supported a community of artists.

The pair expects HOTA to energise the Gold Coast’s arts community in the same way as Stadttheater Freiburg – as a place for artists of varying experience to share ideas, collaborate and present work.

“What we’ve missed most about our time in Germany was being among the community of artists at Freiburg Theatre,” said Harman.

“Until HOTA, the Gold Coast was perhaps missing that authentic hub of cultural activity, so we can’t wait to now help define and shape how artists engage with the space.”