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The Farm creating new work at HOTA

3 Mar 2021

The Farm continue creating new work at HOTA

We’re celebrating the premiere of Glass Child this week. A token of the three-year strong relationship between acclaimed dance theatre company The Farm and HOTA, the experience of watching a project grow from an idea to a reality is something that will always excite us.

A poignantly revealing depiction of the sibling relationship between a young man with Down Syndrome, and his sister, expressed through dance, theatre, and storytelling, Glass Child highlights their connection and how their lives have been affected by the preconceptions of others.

The intertwining of the enduring relationships between The Farm, Kayah, and Maitreyah culminates in this thought-inducing examination of society’s preoccupation with our differences.

‘It’s always been a dream of ours to make a work together that allows us to show both our journeys and both our struggles through life. I’m a fairly shy person and I think when I do dance performance, I can talk about things I normally wouldn’t and be expressive about things that are quite close to my heart.’ Maitreyah explained.

Using dance to express emotions words can’t capture is a shared experience between the siblings. Kayah described to ABC’s Thea Halpin, ‘When I am dancing, I breathe in and I feel my heart grow full. Dancing makes me remember who I am and who I would like to be. People sometimes don’t listen to my voice, but they listen to my dance’.

An extraordinary pair of artists whose performances will capture the thoughts of even the most sceptical audience member, Glass Child will create a pathway for introspection, leaving a much-needed mark on your consciousness.