Reflections sought for a new work as part of Solid Gold

17 Dec 2020

Reflections sought for a new work as part of Solid Gold

Cast your mind back to this time last year when HOTA was literally wrapped in festive cheer as local artist Samuel Leighton-Dore took on our 2019 Christmas Commission.

And next year you’ll be able to see more of Samuel’s work as he will be one of the 19 artists creating work for the first ever exhibition in the HOTA Gallery: Solid Gold – Artists from Paradise.

Samuel is creating a new work for Solid Gold called Cloud-Drive; a large scale immersive and interactive ceramic-based artwork that implements Augmented Reality commenting on the tension between the personal and the public.

‘Last year I made a small proof-of-concept piece exploring ceramic clouds and the way their shadows shifted with the position of the sun. I thought they looked pretty striking and wanted to develop a larger scale work around them. Having dabbled in simple AR with my Instagram filters, I was curious about how far the technology could be pushed and whether it could be used in tandem with ceramics to make a work multifaceted and interactive. Turns out it can be! I’ve been very fortunate to work with the lovely team at Ardacious in Brisbane whose experience in game development and AR has been incredibly helpful. I’ve named the resulting work Cloud-Drive and I’m so thrilled to exhibit it with HOTA next year,’ Samuel said.

When Samuel’s ceramic clouds are viewed through the Cloud-Drive app, each cloud will come to life with a message from the public – visitors will experience intimate one-on-one moments “little celebrations of connection and vulnerability through their iPhone screens with total strangers”

Samuel continued: ‘I’m hoping to explore the multiple associations we make with clouds, both traditional and modern, including notions of change and the temporary, as well as ideas around connection and the storage of data.’

‘The premise of Cloud-Drive is that it works as a sort of inhabitable social media space, where ceramic clouds hold different animations and messages from members of the public. As part of this, I’ve designed a website which includes several “status prompters”. My hope is for these prompters to encourage community members to share vulnerable reflections on how life has changed for them this year, what some of their hopes are, what their worries are.’

Samuel hopes that those viewing and interacting with his work will take away a sense of community and shared humanity and he’s delighted that this work will be shown in the inaugural exhibition of the new HOTA gallery.

‘It’s incredibly humbling to have the opportunity to exhibit such a large-scale work alongside so many esteemed peers. For it to be in a gallery as bold, beautiful and world-class as the new HOTA gallery, right here on the Gold Coast, makes me very proud,’ he said.

Be involved

When Samuel’s ceramic clouds are viewed through the Cloud-Drive app, each cloud will come to life with a message.

Samuel is looking for people to share their thoughts and reflections to be used in this exciting new work. The responses will be anonymous, and no data or information is required to submit, but they’ll be curated and uploaded to the Cloud-Drive for exhibition visitors to read and connect with (when the ceramic clouds are viewed through the Cloud-Drive app, the statuses will appear beneath).