Our top picks for the most Instagrammable moments at GLOW

24 Jul 2019

Our top picks for the most instagrammable moments at GLOW

The line-up for GLOW this year is pretty spectacular. The program is jam packed with things to do, amazing performances to watch, and art you can get in and amongst.

We’ve selected our top moments that you’ll definitely want to capture for Instagram. Make sure you share the love and tag us at #hotagc and #GLOW2019


  • Who said you have to travel to see the Northern Lights? BOREALIS, by Dan Acher, is a mesmerizing installation that will illuminate the skies above the Outdoor Stage every night at GLOW. With variations in movement, colour, and density, the effect is ever-changing. Top tip: take a video to include ethereal soundtrack and guest appearances by the HOTA Choir.


  • MORPHOLOGY is sure to be selfie-central, as you sculpt your own unique neon masterpiece using a rainbow of interactive neon wires. Twist and turn the wires to create a silhouette of yourself – a glowing one at that.


  • Snap a series of immersive pics as you enter an increidble space of colour and moiré patterns. PARALLELISM is made from hundreds of lines of electroluminescent wires, that will make you look twice as they appear to extend beyond reality.


  • No matter how much of an avid Intagrammer you are, you’ve probably never photographed four acrobats in mid-air as they perform against a giant projection of breathtaking imagery – until now. Incorporating stunning visuals of Australia’s natural habitats, these four performers will blend aerial stunts, acrobatics and dance in one captivating performance. MOUNTAIN by Stalker is bound to impress – you’ll want to capture it.


  • Of all the animals in existence, there’s no doubt that horses are one of the most fascinating. Have your phone ready as a parade of majestic, dreamlike horses emerges from the darkness. FIERS À CHEVAL (Proud Horses) is a luminous installation of grand-scale puppeteers – a photo opp you won’t want to miss.


  • Here’s your chance to take a pic with a rabbit on Queensland soil! Seven playful, elegant TAI CHI BUNNIES will migrate north to HOTA for GLOW – and at three metres tall, they’re bound to pack a punch. These quirky bunnies were originally created for Sydney Chinese New Year Festival 2016 by Claudia Chan Shaw.


GLOW is a free, festival of light that takes place at HOTA from 1-3 Aug, check out the full line up here.


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