Our local artist fund keeps delivering

7 May 2020

Our local artist fund keeps delivering

Our awesome local artists keep delivering, with support from our Rage Against the V(irus) fund.

Every week we announce the next lot of artists we’re supporting and share more great work with you. Local artists can still apply until 15 May, so get on it!

So far, we’ve received more than 240 applications so far and have supported 41 projects.

The amazing local artists that we are supporting this week are:

  • Nicholas O’Hara Boyd
  • Elke Gill
  • Alicia Harvie
  • Danielle Lomas
  • Amelia Reid
  • Retritus
  • Gabrielle Stanley

The successful applicants this week proposed video, digital, drawing, animation, downloadable art and experimental printmaking projects.

And make sure you check out what local artists Lystra Bisschop, Sapodia Lindley and Dion Parker have created thanks to our Rage Against the V(irus) artist fund.


Local artist? We want you.

It’s not too late to Rage with us. Apply for Rage Against the (V)irus funding before Fri 15 May and we’ll help get your ideas out there. All the details and the FAQs are right here.