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Meet The Huxleys

7 Jun 2019

Meet The Huxleys

From giant vaginas to golden frogs, faux fur balls to man-sized lightning bolts – The Huxleys embrace all things unconventional.

‘We make ridiculous things of reality,’ says Garrett Huxley. ‘If it makes us laugh, then we know we’re onto something.’

Garrett and Will Huxley have been together for more than a decade. With a practise that includes filmmaking, photography, visual art, costume design and performance art.

We don’t quite know what to expect from them when they get here.

‘We will be offering a respite from the sun, sea and surf. It will be a dark, camp, sequin-soaked escape into the surreal and ridiculous,’ said Will. ‘We love to take the most abstract, silly and impractical things we can think of and make them a reality. Taking nonsense to its very serious conclusion. We are camp, intense and obsessed with art in all its forms.’

It safe to say they have a flair for the absurd and love to create moments of pure spectacle, often using copious amounts of sequins to blur the lines of gender and create a glamorous, androgynous freedom.

‘Our favourite work has been creating our fictions glam rock super group Style Over Substance (SOS). We have everything but the music. Including costumes, videos, pyrotechnics, backup dancers and even groupies! We always dreamed of being glam rock heroes like David Bowie, T Rex, Roxy Music etc so creating this as a visual art project has been a dream come true. Something we’ve fantasised about since growing up bored in suburbia. We’ve made large scale murals, photographic and video works and we’ve even performed live on stage at Dark Mofo and Melbourne Fringe. A silent rock n roll show. It’s totally stupid and totally glorious,’ said Will.

The Huxleys will be hanging around HOTA from 24 June for a week. If you’re coming to the The Irresistible you can meet them at our Lawn Bar (you may even manage a quick selfie) and find yourself escorted to the Outdoor Stage by this most glamourous duo.