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Meet the 12 local artists we’re working with

14 Mar 2019

Meet the 12 local artists we’re working with

Meet the 12 local artists that are receiving funding and support from the first Creative Development Program. We can’t wait to see what they create!

Grayson Millwood, The Farm

Based on the Gold Coast with roots in Berlin, The Farm are a network of artists who share a fascination with the fragility and strength of the human condition. They won the Helpmann award for Tide presented at Bleach* 2018.

Their project, Sanctuary, will be an installation built with the Australian Men’s Shed Association that addresses the emotional needs of ageing men, and how they communicate with those around them. It will be open to everyone as a place to be alone, reflect, read, write, build and cry.



Nadia Sunde (in collaboration with Everybody Now!)

Nadia Sunde is a music director and multi-platform performing artist who works in concert, cabaret and theatre formats. Nadia is also the winner of multiple Queensland Music Awards, an APRA Art Music Award and an International Songwriting Competition award.

Everybody NOW! is a group of performance makers and producers who create participatory, large-scale, immersive experiences that are celebratory and playful, propelled by passion and curiosity.

In a celebration of roller-skating culture they will use the support to create R.I.N.K, a spectacle music-theatre performance. Featuring a live band and explosive punk-rock and disco-infused soundtrack, this fiercely energetic show will explore ALL the wheels in motion at the rink – from the hormonal highs and lows of the local roller disco to the dynamic defiance of the derby girl gang. Professional physical theatre and roller artists will join forces with community groups to bring this vision to life on the R.I.N.K.


Rebecca Ross, The Walls

Rebecca Ross is an established curator and artist who leads The Walls Art Space located in Miami. The Walls is a contemporary visual arts gallery and Artist Run Initiative which was founded in 2013.

Run by artists to support artists to present work that is experimental and innovative through its offerings of exhibition and studio space, performance events, publications and discussions The Walls’ aim is to serve as a hub of creative practice, critical dialogue and innovative thinking around contemporary art.

The fund will support the development and outdoor presentation of AIR, EARTH, FIRE, WATER featuring four emerging artists curated by The Walls.



Corrina Bonshek

Corrina Bonshek is a composer and cross art form collaborator whose work has been performed internationally. She writes music inspired by sounds and patterns in nature. Her music has been described as ‘beautifully shaped and contemplative’ (Clare MacClean, 2013), ‘deeply spiritual in intent’ (Anne Boyd, 2002), and ‘connecting to the essence of South-East Asian music – timelessness’ (Chinary Ung, 2014).

Corrinda will use the funding to move into the second stage of the development of Laniakea, a synaesthetic, inter-media performance installation that invites audiences to experience a different scale of time and space. Created by Corrina Bonshek and music collaborators, and Daniel Belton and Good Company Arts, this work is inspired by digital mapping of the Laniakea Supercluster of galaxies and will bring together collaborators from Australia, NZ and Taiwan.



Thomas E.S. Kelly

Thomas E.S. Kelly is an emerging Indigenous dancer and performing artist who has just returned from interstate to establish Karul Projects; an Indigenous Performing Arts Company on the Gold Coast.

Thomas will work on the creative development of SILENCE; a new dance and percussion work with support from Blakdance.




Michael Candy

Michael Candy is an emerging kinetic and new media artist who has exhibited internationally.

He has produced a myriad of projects, both ecological and political, empowering and translating closed systems into tangible medium, a focus that is not only an attempt to explain or understand these issues, but also a human act, emerging from various cultural, political, religious and philosophical contexts. Investigations have lead him on numerous international residencies from Biohacking conferences and instrument building residencies in Indonesia, creating hypnotic light sculptures in India to installing angelic machines deep in the Amazon rainforest and exploring cybernetic narratives of Buddhism in Nepal through robotics.

As his practice deals predominantly with interaction technologies, the selfless driving car project is a proposal to explore these interactions on an international scale. The funding will support a prototype and further development on this concept with the goal of adapting a vehicle which will be controlled live, online, by users to attempt as they attempt to complete one loop of a racetrack.



Fletcher Babb

Fletcher Babb is a Gold Coast composer, singer/songwriter and sound designer who creates conceptual music with textured sound. Under the moniker Cold Ghost, Fletcher uses a detuned nylon-stringed guitar to write and perform original alt-folk compositions, incorporating a select group of musicians to round out his psychedelic sound.

An Honours graduate from the Griffith University Contemporary Music program, Fletcher will develop storytelling and original music performances based on The Moth program.

Stories in the Key of GC will be the Gold Coast’s own storytelling night. True stories delivered by seasoned wordsmiths, performed on stage, accompanied by live sound design. Fletcher Babb will provide the atmospheric soundtrack as local storytellers ply their trade.



Kayah Guenther

Kayah Guenther is a young dancer experiencing disability. He has been mentored by Gavin Webber from The Farm and has toured and performed nationally and internationally.

As an artist whose practice crosses dance/theatre and film, Kayah loves to connect and create. He has a wide range of experience working with different choreographers and mentors and is driven by passion to be the best artist that he can be.

The funding will support the first stage of development of Siblingo, a text and dance project for siblings experiencing disability with support from The Farm and Suzie Miller (writer) called

Siblingo – A Life in Translation looks at the relationship between Kayah whom was born with Down Syndrome, and his sister Maitreyah, exploring complexities and the reality behind a closely woven relationship, their trust, and reliance on each other, dealing with differences, society and finding their place in the world.


Lowana-Skye Davies: Umwelt Collective

Emerging Gold Coast performing artist sisters, Umwelt Collective is an experimental performance art collective creating work that sits at the cross section of installation, dance, physical theatre, improvisation and digital art. Umwelt Collective explores the intersection between our inner and outer environment, driven by the collaboration of artists Merinda Davies, Lowana Davies & composer Tom Lyons.

The program will help the technical development of new work: Re:membering. Re:membering is a performative exploration of the cactus in our bones. A journey back in time through trans-generational trauma and an intimate study of how we cope with the ramifications of our histories and find hope in the present. ‘Touching. Emotive, visceral, an expressive outpour of real substance.’ – Marc Howard



Jay Jermyn

Jay Jermyn is a multi-disciplinary artist. Working with still and moving image in the digital and analogue landscape and sound in his collaborative music project Veople. Interested in the crossover of the digital and the physical, with an ongoing quest to locate and identify enigmatic identities and emotions.

This project is a collaboration between Jay Jermyn and Julian Currie as Veople consisting of an experimental electronic performance to be performed and recorded in the outdoor stage as part of a larger conceptual work with Intent to look at how time and experience can degrade or alter the memory of a moment.



Pearly Black

Pearly Black is a singer currently studying at the Qld Conservatorium. She is a singer with an impressively diverse musical history, starting in original rock bands and anarchic cabaret in the 1990s, going on to be a featured performer in major productions such as Women in Voice (QPAC, Brisbane Powerhouse) and many commissioned works for composers such as John Rodgers (Where The Heart Is Expressions Dance Co.,). She is a key ensemble member for Water Songs in 2019 Bleach* The Gold Coast Festival.

She applied for funding to develop the project Salt Water City where a singer, a dancer, a composer and a film maker collaborating to generate a cross platform performance work. The project draws post-modern literary masterpiece, The Passion (Jeanette Winterson), to spin a web of connection between the grand canal city of Venice and our own canal mazes on The Gold Coast.


Agents of Confusion

Adrienne Kenafake is an emerging visual artist who is collaborating with fellow artist, Tessa Bergan, under the collective title of Agents of Confusion.

Through recorded and live performance, their work explores the creation of absurdist identities. In 2018 they undertook a two-month residency at Palm Beach Library where they developed their first major body of work, Golden Breed. They have since performed and exhibited at a number of local galleries and were finalists in the 2018 BAM Art Prize.

Over the course of the project Agents Tessa Bergan and Adrienne Kenafake will work with Brisbane based choreographer Georgia Pierce and local band Free The Genie to create a new and experimental performance series. Whilst in residence the pair will also be hosting two creative dance sessions with the public and engaging the skills of Gold Coast photographer Anthony Kalajzich before presenting Boogie in the Basement, a 10-day collaborative residency project at HOTA.





Umwelt Collective, Pearly Black, Nadia Sunde, Kayah Guenther, Fletcher Babb, The Farm, Agents of Confusion