Meet Kiel Tillman

13 Jun 2019

Meet Kiel Tillman

We recently launched our community fundraising campaign which features stunning artwork by local artist Kiel Tillman.

Supporting local artists and creatives in a real way is important to us and Kiel is a great example of how we’re engaging and working with local artists. (You can read more about our homegrown programs, activities and initiatives here.)

A prolific and successful local artist, Kiel exhibits his work across Australia and internationally while running his own busy freelance business.

‘I graduated from design college almost 19 years ago and since then have worked as a designer at an offset printers, designed clothing in the surf industry and was a creative director for a Potato Press, but all the while I kept my toe dipped in the arts scene. For the past 2 or so years I have been running my own creative studio called Tillman Creative Co, where I get to blend my professional corporate design skills with a more artistic approach to the creative output,’ said Kiel.

In 2017 we commissioned Kiel to create artwork for our Signs of the Times exhibition where he painted three of the walls on our terrace in his bold, illustrative style.

‘Having a place to showcase your work is the most important thing for anyone pursuing an artistic career. Having places like HOTA gives local artists a platform to create and display work, to learn from workshops and to get inspired by world class performances and exhibitions. It’s fuel for the future creatives,’ he said.

Kiel also took part in our epic Art Battle where a line-up of artists went head-to-head in a dynamic one-hour showdown to create an artwork.

More recently he led an ArtLab workshop on stencilling where kids explored big ideas and drew wild illustrations before creating their own paste-up using hand-cut stencils. And he worked with us during Kids Take Over in January this year as part of the team that delivered the Urban Streetscape ArtLab.

‘The only way is up. There are so many incredible creatives doing amazing things – right now! It’s exciting. I think the Gold Coast is finally starting to see the value that art, design and creative thinking brings to the community and to city as a whole,’ Kiel added.

If you’d like to donate to a program that really makes a difference to local artists, then you can see all the details here. We’re a not-for-profit so every donation makes a difference.


Image credit: Kiel Tillman, local artist. Artwork by Kiel Tillman.