Masterclass with Libbi Reed

12 Sep 2019

Masterclass with Libbi Reed

On 26 Oct we have a special workshop in our art space with master typographer and letter-smith Libbi Reed.  Libbi will share her skills to help you express yourself creatively using the art of hand drawn lettering. She’ll cover topics such as the spatial nuance of type, layout and colour design.

‘This workshop will look at calligraphy throughout the ages. We will be looking at different styles, methods and tools used to create these letterforms. This study will then be reflected in a sketch note to document the learning process for the day. Techniques will be demonstrated that can be later developed into a healthy lettering practice, which can also be incorporated into future creative lettering projects. The workshop is jammed packed so come ready with your creativity cap on and loads of energy as we play with beautiful calligraphic letterforms,’ she said.

Libbi’s love of letter art is clear to see.

‘Lettering for me is an opportunity to slow down and express myself creatively. I get lost in the tactility of messy inks and expressive letterforms. Colours, patters, different styles and methods all combined can create many diffident personas of the letterforms that I create. Writing and drawing creates a direct connection to what’s going on in my mind. Putting this down on paper allows a certain level of clarity and organises all of my crazy ideas. So basically, I use a lettering practice to disconnect from all the busyness and then reconnect to what’s important to me,’ she said.

She also feels that having a creative outlet can really add value to your life, no matter how ‘creative’ you consider yourself to be.

‘I think having personal creative projects are life enriching in so many ways. They give you more perspectives, helps you look at the details, builds confidence and through the creative process creates a great connection to your inner voice— generally, I think living creatively means you make decisions that are in line with what you are truly passionate about. Having the ability to express yourself creatively helps to deal with stressful situations. Lettering is my creative outlet, but it doesn’t have to be lettering—really anything creative where you can just lose yourself in the process. To be fit and healthy we are mindful of exercise and the food we eat, but we also need to think about our mental health. I believe living a creative life can simply help keep our minds healthy and happy,’ she said.

This workshop is one of a series that we’ve offered where particpants have the opportunity to learn and work with professional artists in a relaxed, intimate workshop. Last year ceramist Pru Morrison shared her sgraffito techniques and Victoria Reichelt recently shared her tips for realistic looking paintings using photographic source material.

The Calligraphy Masterclass with Libbi Read takes place on 26 Oct, reserve your spot here.