Master class with Victoria Reichelt

6 Sep 2019

Master class with Victoria Reichelt

On 7 Sept, participants in a special sold out workshop with master contemporary artist Victoria Reichelt will have a unique opportunity to learn from this acclaimed artist.

The workshop will focus on how to increase painting realistically from photographic reference material in oils. Workshop participants will learn new skills for transferring images onto canvases and simplified oil painting techniques.

Victoria is looking forward to simplifying oil painting for people:

‘People tend to think it’s more complicated than it is, so I am looking forward to showing them than anyone can do it,’ she said

‘I will be giving a bit of an overview of my work to show participants what can be done, and then I will show the basic steps to getting an image onto the canvas in pencil, and then some basic blending techniques to help render their chosen image in oils.’

Victoria find inspiration all around her, often in the minutiae of the disposable culture of daily life.

‘I hope that (people viewing my work) appreciate the technique but also push past that to consider the ideas behind the work. In relation to my latest series of paintings I hope that they consider the environmental implications of our disposable culture, and what can potentially be done about it.’

Victoria Reichelt is one of the original ‘Flying Colours’ crew – a collection of significant local artists that came through Queensland College of Arts (alumni include Chris Bennie, Mari Hirata, Abbey McCulloch, Virginia Miller, and Michael Zavros)

Known for her hyper real paintings where she combines technical skill across paint, digital photography and image manipulation, she produces exquisitely crafted paintings that are stunning in their precision.

She has exhibited extensively since 2001, winning a number of awards and her work is represented in major institutional collections throughout Australia and also internationally.

Represented by This is No Fantasy / Dianne Tanzer Gallery they describe her work as follows:

‘Victoria Reichelt’s painting practice investigates objects and ideas that are threatened by redundancy, largely due to advances in digital technologies. Reichelt is a stunning realist painter and her medium enforces her message, affirming paintings place in a world of digital saturation.’

This workshop is one of a series that we’ve offered where particpants have the opportunity to learn and work with professional artists in a relaxed, intimate workshop. Last year ceramist Pru Morrison shared her sgraffito techniques and coming next local letter artists Libbi Read will share her love of modern calligraphy.

You can read more about her work at