Local students and artists collab

26 Nov 2020

Local students and artists collab

It’s no secret that we believe in inspiring creativity through active participation in the arts. And year round we present thoughtful, inspiring and creative programs for Gold Coast teachers and students.

And next year, when the new HOTA Gallery is open, we will have even more scope to present learning, making and responding activities to inspire the next generation of creatives, critical thinkers and artists.

As we prepare to open the HOTA Gallery we’re hard at work behind the scenes setting in motion workshops and creative developments which will inform our future programs.

In October this year we facilitated a creative development at Miami State High School with students and local artists, Christian Tancred, Rebecca Ross, and Daniele Constance.

The resulting work, Wild Walls, was showcased at The Walls Art Space in Miami on October 31. Using creative play, collage, and audio to explore their imagined worlds, students created new digital art works inspired by their curiosity as young people living in these uncertain times.

In 2021, children and young people at Miami High, Caningeraba State Primary School and Park Lake Kindergarten will work with the artists to co-design a creative play workshop series which will be presented in the new Gallery.

In the opening weeks of the new Gallery the children will become ambassadors of the Gallery, going behind the scenes, planning and delivering the public workshops.

By sharing these workshops with their families, friends and school communities we believe we will facilitate meaningful participation from our education communities across the Gold Coast.

This will be an extraordinary and historic opportunity for local communities to access and engage with the Gold Coast’s new world-class arts facility through the eyes of the children and young people who live and learn here.


Image Credit: Wild Walls, video still, 2020, Daniele Constance, Rebecca Ross, Christian Tancred and students from Miami State High School.