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Local emerging artist takes Gold Coast skyline to new heights

14 May 2021

Local emerging artist takes Gold Coast skyline to new heights

As we head towards the opening of HOTA Gallery we’re delighted to present another commission in the precinct with the installation of a new artwork above the HOTA Café.

The digital artwork Sky-Rise, by Gold Coast and Brisbane-based emerging artist Lyle Duncan, is visually curious and re-contextualises scenes from our city.

Ruth Della, Curator, Public Art and Outdoor Programming tells us a little more about the work:

‘Lyle’s work, Sky-Rise is an interpretation of our coastal skyline manipulated to create structural impossibilities. The work is a retake on the Gold Coast that builds an alternate narrative, especially poignant when aligned with notions of a growing contemporary city.

‘Lyle’s practice is conceptually driven by the idea of subversion and reframing of everyday objects, concepts and materials. The new commission reveals familiar elements in an unfamiliar way, encouraged by the exploration of presentation at the scale of 11 metres. In Sky-Rise, the gradient blue sky fills the background with a familiar and vibrant atmosphere yet, with no horizon present in the composition, creates an aspirational sense of looking upward and beyond.

‘The original buildings detailed in this artwork are recognisable in appearance and stem from locations, ranging from Surfers Paradise to Coolangatta. These engineered monoliths appear to levitate instinctively. The levels of floating structures hover completely free-standing in mid-sky and in suspended confidence. The architectural imaginings of this work speaks to locals who are accustomed to our built environment. Sky-Rise assembles an uncanny, and possibly whimsical, view of what has become an everyday sight for many. Deconstructing this standard view reframes the Gold Coast.

These towers depict transitory moments and an appetite for vertical real estate and ocean views. The work also reminds us that the towering forms are part of the Gold Coast identity. As buildings of today stand next to buildings from yesteryear, Sky-Rise gives permission to imagine the structures and moments of tomorrow.’

Currently studying at Queensland University of Technology Lyle’s practice is materially-led. He engages with photography, sculpture, performance and video. Lyle is one of the artists in the Level Up residency program in Coolangatta. At the end of 2020, he showed work with Nextdoor ARI, in Brisbane, in his first solo exhibition, ‘Only This Will Last’ and has previously shown work at The Walls in Miami.

We couldn’t be more delighted to have this provoking work on display by an exciting emerging artist on our terrace. Make sure you check it out next time you visit us!


Image credit: Lyle Duncan. Sky-Rise 2021, digital print on PVC. Courtesy of the artist