Local artists reinterpreting the world across disciplines

2 May 2019

Local artists reinterpreting the world across disciplines

Artists are constantly reinterpreting the world around them in conceptual, practical, traditional, contemporary, theoretical and experiential ways.

In May, the Artists Salon will highlight some of the ways in which artists are working across disciplines, in developing the form and the content.  Discussion will also take place around opportunities to improve work, develop ideas and engage the public in experiencing the work.

Speakers at this event include Rebecca Ross, The Walls Art Space, Bradley Vincent, Curator – Public Art & Outdoor Programming and Lisa Beilby, Flying Arts.

We had 5 minutes with them:

What role do you play in the visual art sector?

Rebecca Ross – I’m an artist, artistic director and academic.

Bradley Vincent – As a curator I see my role as being both a guide for audiences and a support for artists – someone who sits between the two with as light a touch as possible.

Lisa Beilby – Early in my visual arts journey, I had a career as an artist mostly with digital and sculptural installation. These days I am primarily involved in the visual arts as a curator and project designer/manager. My role at Flying Arts involves touring exhibitions, developing public programs and tutoring in a professional development capacity urban/regionally.

Who do you work for and what do they do?

Rebecca – I work freelance as an artist/curator/consultant. I am employed as Artistic Director at The Walls Art Space, a project I founded in 2013, and I work as an academic at Queensland College of Art (QCA), Griffith University…all on the Gold Coast. The Walls Art Space is a regional Artist Run Initiative based on the Gold Coast that is run by artists to support artists to present work that is experimental and innovative through its offerings of exhibition and studio space, performance events, publications and discussions. The Walls’ aim is to serve as a hub of creative practice, critical dialogue and innovative thinking around contemporary art. The Walls mission is to connect people with current and experimental art on the Gold Coast. QCA is a specialist arts and design college with campuses in Brisbane and Gold Coast. Over the past 4 years I have taught across art, design, fashion and photography at the Gold Coast campus.

Bradley – I work for HOTA as Curator of Public Art and Outdoor Programming. HOTA is the Home of the Arts here on the Gold Coast. It provides a space for visual arts as well as theatre, music, cinema and more. A whole creative precinct.

Lisa – Flying Arts is an arts and cultural development organisation which has been delivering visual arts projects and services to regional and remote Queensland since 1971. The Association has played a significant role in inspiring artists and communities, as well as helping to overcome the impacts of regional isolation and remote living. Flying Arts delivers multiple arts and education programs working with local government, in schools, with cultural and educational institutions, regional galleries, civic and community organisations and venues.

What is an exciting trend in the visual arts you notice now?

Rebecca – I’m really excited by Artist Run Initiatives working together to create multi-venue/platform exhibitions, events and conversations. I observed this most recently with BEAUT which will traverse multiple locations and ARI’s to support an enormous array of contemporary artists from the Asia Pacific region. The Walls will host an event for BEAUT on Saturday 4 May.

Bradley – I hope that at the moment artists are realising that they can reject trends. As we aim finally to provide a place for everybody to have a voice in our galleries, diversity and a breaking down of rules and styles might just become the new normal. Say what you want and need to say, and say it in your own way

Lisa – Sophisticated and balanced incorporation (+ audience appreciation of) digital technology to enhance and partner with more traditional forms of visual expression.

The Artists Salons are a great opportunity to connect with other local creatives and join the conversation about the realities of trying to make a living as a creative on the Gold Coast. The salons, which are free to attend, offer a mixed program of thought-provoking encounters plus practical advice.

Let us know if you’re coming to the Artists Salon on Thu 9 May, 5-7pm


Photo credit – Henry Walker