Local artists mean the world to us

16 Apr 2020

Local artists mean the world to us

This week we’ve started rolling out work by the first of the amazing artists that are creating through our Rage Against the V(irus) fund. We’ve been awed, quite literally, by their creativity.

So why not take 5 and check out what Jay Jermyn, Pru Wilson and Kylie Chan have created thanks to this fund.

Each week we’ll continue to announce the artists that are raging against the virus (with a little help from us). So far, we’ve received more than 180 applications so far and have funded 25 artists. This week we couldn’t be happier to announce that we’re supporting:

  • Aaron Chapman
  • Zachary Fahey
  • Damian Hussey
  • Kathy Mackey

Local artist? We want you.

It’s not too late to Rage with us. Apply for Rage Against the (V)irus funding before Fri 15 May and we’ll help get your ideas out there. All the details and the FAQS are right here.

Image credit: Aaron Chapman. Photo by Trent Mitchell.