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Listen from the water, listen under a tree

10 Sep 2020

Listen from the water, listen under a tree

With a picnic basket, map and radio in hand, join us for an adventure in the HOTA precinct where you’ll discover some of the hidden stories of the landscape.

Hear, Here, created by artists Daniele Constance and Dan Koop with Matt Cornell, is a pop-up picnic radio station that reveals new perspectives of place, inspired by the water, land and the stories of the place it was created. You’ll hear from local ecologists and passionate people, sharing their ideas and expertise from upstream and downstream.

The content for the project came together during a residency at HOTA where the artists engaged directly with local community as storytellers and experts, leading the conversations and sharing a diversified knowledge and perspective of the landscape surrounding the precinct. They spoke to a whole range of people including First Nations peoples, scientists, people enjoying the outdoors and local residents to gather a series of interesting and engaging stories that were then recorded in the location where the conversations took place. The stories will now be shared with the public through an intimate, close-range radio broadcast, at the actual location where each conversation was recorded.

The project is about cultivating and sharing local stories with the community and the use of radio as a medium is a direct response to an increasingly digital age that segments and dissects community as much as it connects, radio broadcasts provide an opportunity to join a communal activity that is located, timely and accessible.

Daniele told us: ‘Our society is remembering that we need strong connections to natural places in order to have healthy lives and strong communities – this project brings together a cross-section of passionate people from academia, community groups and leisure activities to share their common interest in nature and to share varied perspectives.’

Sharing a diverse catalogue of perspectives on landscape, ecology and community deepens participants understanding of the surrounding landscape and community by offering different perspectives with which to view it.

‘These places give us so much inspiration, but they are increasingly under threat from our growing populations and the existential threats caused by a changing climate – there has never been a more important time to focus upon the impacts of human activity on nature and for us to understand that we are a part of nature, not simply a witness to it,’ Daniele continued.

Best enjoyed solo or in small groups, we think you’ll enjoy exploring the HOTA precinct with a picnic basket, map and radio in hand, as you rediscover this hidden pocket of the Gold Coast.

From Fri 9-Sun 11 Oct, tickets here.



About the artists:

Daniele Constance

Daniele Constance is a participatory artist, art therapist and producer, with a strong focus on socially engaged art making practices. She creates artistic works that draw from direct experience and storytelling, using verbatim, documentary, contemporary and embodied performance practices. She has presented works at Metro Arts, Supercell Festival of Contemporary Dance, Festival of Live Art, Footscray Community Arts, Testing Grounds, La Boite Theatre Company – and is currently cooking up a project with SITUATE Arts in Festivals.

Dan Koop

Dan Koop is an Artist, Producer and Facilitator working in public and unusual spaces. Creatively, he makes performance works in unexpected spaces that engage audiences to become participants. Professionally, he has worked for contemporary multi artform venues and festivals in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and London. As a Facilitator, he has hosted conferences for hundreds, taught small tutorials and worked as a conduit between community groups and arts organisations. He holds a Masters of Public Art from RMIT University and regularly teaches at several universities in Melbourne.

Matt Cornell

Matt Cornell is an Australasian based choreographer who grew up in Darwin, on Larrakia land. His work interrogates how we embody systems – social, cultural, political, or technological – and in turn how these systems embody us by forming communities and informing identities. His work takes multiple forms including dancing, performance, sound composition, writing, podcasting, and curation, in varying contexts including in theatres, galleries, public spaces, and online. Across these radically different contexts is the core notion of creating spaces, events, and experiences through which we can come together, to share something which might give rise to new ways to know ourselves and each other and the stories we tell ourselves. That we may get better at living together.

Hear, Here is supported by The Regional Arts Development Fund – a partnership between the Queensland Government and City of Gold Coast to support local arts and culture in regional Queensland.