It’s HOTA online this week

30 Apr 2020

It’s HOTA online this week

Over the next six weeks we’ll be bringing you some pretty cool stuff – online and direct to your living room.

We’re having a ball turning these program round fast so check out the first three Rage ON(line) programs that we’re serving up for your iso-enjoyment this week.

Comedy Underground Podcast

While our actual Basement is closed, we’re bringing you a stellar comedy session from Josh Armstrong, Dalton Whiskey and Comedy Underground guests. Filmed in a basement for extra authenticity.

Dusty Rich – Art Class

Comedian, artist and GC Laughs favourite Dusty Rich will teaches a real-life art class, online, in isolation. If you’ve reached the point where you’re considering decorating your own shoes or making your very own face mask, then this class will show you how.

Artlab – Pet Portraits with Emily Dolphin 

A fun pet portrait tutorial that you can do at home using any art materials you can find around the house with illustrator Emily Dolphin. Note – not just for kids (there are no rules anymore)

The Farm’s safety tips for a new reality

Seriously funny short safety videos from The Farm to help you come to terms with the new reality of working from home.

Keep up to date with all things Rage ON(line) here.

And our Rage Against the V(irus) program, where we’ve been funding local artists for quick-fire projects, continues to deliver amazing outcomes. Check them out here.