HOTA Closed just now

25 Mar 2020

HOTA closed just now

It is with a heavy heart that we have taken the decision to close HOTA. Taking on board advice and directives from Government and health officials, we will remain closed until further notice. This probably doesn’t come as a surprise to you and, in the circumstances, we believe it to be the best course of action.

This decision in many ways feels counter-intuitive. Arts and culture has a ‘show must go on’ spirit but as we look to our friends and partners across Australia and the globe, we felt this decisive action is in everybody’s best interest.

If you have purchased tickets for events that have been cancelled, we’ll contact you to arrange a refund. The decision to cancel events will be made on an ongoing basis.

Keep well. Keep safe. We’ll see you on the other side.


What events have been cancelled?
We will contact everybody who has tickets for a cancelled event to let them know, and to process their refund. Due to the volume of ticket holders there may be a short delay in contacting you, but we are working as quickly as possible.

When will I receive a refund for tickets for events that have been cancelled?
We are processing refunds as quickly as possible. As a busy precinct, we will prioritise events taking place first and work through them methodically until everybody has received a refund. Due to the large number of events, this may take up to 20 days. We politely ask that you do not phone the Box Office as this slows the process down, we will be in touch!

Can I donate the value of my tickets to HOTA?
Yes, we’d be delighted to accept any donations to support the artists’ fund, Rage Against The V(irus). You can find more information about the fund here.

Will I receive a refund for future events I have booked?
In line with Live Performance Australia (LPA) we will only issue a refund for events that are cancelled. Should any future events be cancelled or changed, we will be in touch to arrange a refund. We are working with artists and companies to reschedule where possible.

When will the Farmer’s Market reopen?
HOTA remains committed to the Farmer’s Market and they will continue when we re-open.

Are the parklands and car parks still open?

Yes, the parkland and car parks will remain open during any closure period. We ask that you familiarise yourself with the government’s social distancing measures to keep everybody safe. You can find more information about that here.

When will HOTA re-open?

We are in the hands of advice from the government and health professionals. We will play our part in keeping everybody safe and healthy.


Keep well. Keep safe. We’ll see you on the other side.