Collaborate and create with The Farm

30 Apr 2019

Collaborate and create with The Farm

Fresh from taking it full throttle at Bleach over the weekend The Farm are now gearing up to share their passion with the next generation.

If you’re between 11-17 and are interested in dance and physical theatre, then this is a rare chance to connect and collaborate with Award-winning and internationally renowned dance company The Farm. You don’t need any dance experience to attend the workshops, all you need is an openness to new ideas and plenty of energy.

In the workshops you’ll explore physical performance beyond the confines of genre, learn unique skills and tools and bring expression, self-awareness and creativity to the fore.

We chatted to Kate Harman from The Farm about why you should come to these workshops and what you can expect:

‘Come because you have curiosity about the performing arts and desire for self-expression. Come because you want to be a part of a team that creates stunning, physical theatre productions. Come because you love to have fun and be creative. Come because you want to find out more about yourself and what you are capable of.

‘Dance is more than technical ability and steps you learn. It is one of the oldest art forms and a way to express ideas and inner desires that are hard to put into words. The Greenhouse will help unblock the insecurities that hold you back from physical self-expression. Instead of focussing on external aesthetics we will give movement an emotional and theatrical starting place so that before you know it you will dancing yourself silly.

‘Regardless of whether you are interested in an artistic life, creativity and self-belief are increasingly important in the world. The intense problem solving, teamwork and imagination necessary in the Greenhouse equips young people with many skills that will benefit them as they develop. Being a part of a production from inception to finish is no small feat and participants will be a part of the creation of the work, collaborating with Farm members and each other to realise a full production for GLOW. This will be an amazing journey for all involved and give these teenagers an experience they will never forget,’ she said

At the end of the 10-weeks, participants will perform the work they’ve created at the GLOW festival, an annual event at HOTA which attracts around 15,000 people.

As for The Farm themselves, what makes them tick?

‘The Farm is driven by the desire to connect; to audience, to community, to each other. We create our work in a collaborative spirit that challenges our egos and asks us to put the work before our own sensitivities. We are intuitive and passionate about what we make, trying something new every time we create a show because we are all growing and learning as part of our journey. We are invested in art because it is a place for us to reflect the impact the world has on each of us and we want to share our passion and enthusiasm with others because, that way, we create a richer community,’ said Kate.

The Greenhouse workshops start on Sun 5 May, check out the dates and details here.


The Farm are one of our home companies. As part of our partnership their Greenhouse ensemble is based here. We love having them as part of our family.