Artists Salon – creating change with local artists

15 Feb 2019

Artists Salon – creating change with local artists

The first Artists Salon, in February, was all about artists who were interested in creating and instigating change through their practise.

More than 40 local artists and creatives heard from a panel of multi-disciplinary artists consisting of Libby Harward, Bek Conroy, Scotia Montevic and Leah Barclay. Facilitator Lenine Bourke led the panel through a discussion around how they respond to issues that are important to them, what creates an urgency in their practise and whether it is important to try and create meaningful change with art.

Often working in collaboration, each of these artists uses entirely different processes but all have a dynamic approach to change making and the role that art can play in the world.

Scotia Montevic, from the Creative Recovery Network, added an extra dimension to the discussion as she discussed the art of making connections and how art can be used to help facilitate recovery and create resilience. Using real examples from recent national disasters such as the Brisbane floods in 2011 really brought home how valuable art can be in helping people recover from trauma. An interesting discussion then followed on the challenges of lobbying for long term change vs the anxiety you can feel around not taking action on issues that require more immediate attention.

The Artists Salons are a great opportunity to connect with other local creatives and join the conversation about the realities of trying to make a living as a creative on the Gold Coast. The salons, which are free to attend, offer a mixed program of thought-provoking encounters plus practical advice.

Join in the next discussion at the Artist Salon on Thu 7 March from 5-7pm it’s all about funding, investment and the money side of the business of being creative.

Image: Libby Harward, Evacuation tone (detail) 2018