An extraordinary musical journey, Tripping with Nils Frahm

23 Nov 2020

An extraordinary musical journey, Tripping with Nils Frahm

We can’t wait to see Tripping with Nils Frahm this week, a legendary artist filmed at a legendary location!

There’s no doubt that Nils Frahm is one of the most exciting sound explorers of our time. When it comes to defining the space between classical and electronic music, hardly any other name is mentioned as often as that of the Berlin-based pianist, composer and producer.

His unconventional approach to an age-old instrument, and his eclectic and distinctive compositions has won him legions of fans around the world. He’s renowned for his highly-developed sense of control and restraint in his work, as well as of breath-taking levels of emotion and personality. Numerous tours and concerts all over the globe have strengthened his reputation as both an exceptional instrumentalist and a fascinating live musician. His albums have garnered international acclaim from critics and audiences alike, and his live shows are regularly sold out.

Tripping with Nils Frahm was recorded by Frahm’s friend and film director Benoit Toulemonde – a collaborator since 2011 – who captured his concerts on film, using handheld cameras, and employing techniques he had mastered for the famous concert series La Blogoteque, which featured some of the world’s most popular artists. Tripping with Nils Frahm is an illustration of Nils’s lauded ability as a composer and passionate live artist as well as the enchanting atmosphere of his captivating, and already legendary Funkhaus shows: An extraordinary musical trip – rare and exclusive, close and intimate, bringing a unique concert experience to screen.

About Nils Frahm:

Following on from his first solo piano works and a collaborative record with cellist Anne Müller, Nils Frahm’s breakthrough album Felt was released on Erased Tapes Records in 2011. Two years later and after extensive touring, Frahm returned to critical acclaim with his album Spaces, expressing his love for experimentation and answering his fan’s call for a record that truly reflects what they experience during his mesmerizing live shows.

In 2015 Frahm launched Piano Day, an official global body created with his closest friends to celebrate the piano via various innovative, piano-related projects and concerts around the world.

That same year, Frahm’s first film score release, Music For The Motion Picture Victoria written for the one-take feature film by Sebastian Schipper, won the esteemed German Film Prize for Best Soundtrack. Following a Nils Frahm-curated weekend festival at London’s Barbican Centre, 2016 saw a collaborative score with Woodkid for Ellis, a short film by French artist JR featuring Robert De Niro.

Other film work includes contributions to James Gray’s Ad Astra starring Brad Pitt and Julian Rosefeldt‘s Manifesto with Cate Blanchett. A few years ago, Nils Frahm became the proud host of Saal 3, an impressive studio in the historical 1950s East German Funkhaus building in Berlin.

His highly acclaimed 2018 album, All Melody, was born out of the freedom that his new environment provided, allowing Frahm to explore without any restrictions. Following the release of All Melody, he took his live show around the world on a two-year-long tour, with over 180 sold out performances including New York’s Brooklyn Steel, Le Trianon in Paris, L.A.’s Disney Hall, the Sydney Opera House, several festival stages up to 40.000 capacity, and of course the prestigious Saal 1 at Funkhaus Berlin.

And in December 2018, Nils Frahm returned to Funkhaus Berlin to host another set of four shows, tickets sold out within hours. Frahm’s friend and film director Benoit Toulemonde captured the concerts on film, only using handheld cameras which has resulted in the incredible film, Tripping with Nils Frahm celebrating Frahm’s lauded ability as a composer and passionate live artist as well as the enchanting atmosphere of his legendary Funkhaus shows.

Intended as companions to his last studio album, Frahm released his three Encores EPs in the course of 2018 and 2019, which are also available as one full-length release, titled All Encores, featuring 80 minutes of music. To celebrate this year’s Piano Day, he released Empty on 28 March — a collection of solo upright piano music originally recorded as a soundtrack to a short film he shot in 2012 with his friend and film director Benoit Toulemonde. The film is now available to watch on Frahm’s YouTube channel.

And in late 2020 Nils released the concert film Tripping with Nils Frahm, accompanied by a live album out on Erased Tapes Records. The film is produced by the newly-launched label and production company LEITER, in association with Plan B Entertainment. On top of that, LEITER is currently working on numerous other projects for the future. You can read more about Nils Frahm on his website here.

Don’t miss this Tripping with Nils Frahm, an extraordinary music movie – rare and exclusive, close and intimate, bringing a unique concert experience to screen. Tickets here.