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A world of expertise brought to HOTA Gallery plans

24 Jan 2019

A world of expertise brought to HOTA Gallery plans

Planning for the new HOTA Gallery is full steam ahead behind the scenes. A Challenge Group, made up of influential and well regarded national and international arts professionals, are working with us to refine the plans and strategic direction for the new gallery.

‘It’s great to gather such respected arts professionals into one room to work with us, there has been a great deal of thought-provoking discussion,’ said Anna Carroll, Cultural Precinct Project Director

The Challenge Group will work with us to challenge and inform our thinking on how we become more than a regional gallery and Integrate visual arts across the precinct, indoors and out. And about how we facilitate and share new ideas and experiences, collaborate with artists, creatives and institutional partners and are flexible and responsive to contemporary trends while not being afraid to take risks

The Challenge Group have reviewed and provided feedback on our strategic vision, curatorial framework and our high-level creative program. They will also challenge our thinking on the operational model.

‘It has been a wonderful boost to the curatorial and strategic vision to have such art world heavy hitters give thought-provoking and challenging input into the process. The decision to develop the Challenge Group has been courageous and I think it is a turning point in the Gallery’s history’ said Tracy Cooper-Lavery, Gallery Director.

The first meeting of the Challenge Group was very productive, the group members were enthusiastic about the project and provided extensive comments and feedback on our plans.

Zoe Kahr, Deputy Director, Curatorial & Planning, Los Angeles County Museum of Art was particularly interested in the role that HOTA would play within the community.

‘Museums and galleries have an important role right now in building and reinforcing communities, on the Gold Coast and globally. The arts precinct has the potential to become the “town centre” that doesn’t yet exist on the Gold Coast, connecting people with art, and to one another.

The environment here, especially the setting within the parklands, offers so many opportunities to program both inside and out across all media. The positive, youthful energy of the Gold Coast, the opportunity to have a fresh start and to provide world class programming for the city is a really exciting combination,’ she said.

The role of the Challenge Group is to allow us to test our ideas, challenge our plans and to ask provocative questions so we can ensure we deliver the best project for the city and the community.

The Challenge Group confirmed our belief that the Gallery project is not just about the building, it’s about the need to integrate visual arts across the whole precinct.  And it’s about more than just delivering a building, it’s about creating a whole of precinct experience.


Challenge Group members L-R.

Criena Gehrke, HOTA CEO

Tracy Cooper-Lavery, Director HOTA Gallery

Anna Carroll, Director Cultural Precinct Project

Zoe Kahr, Deputy Director, Curatorial & Planning, Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)

Professor Natalie King, Enterprise Professorial Fellow, Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne

Sebastian Goldspink, Creative Producer at the National Art School

Lisa Havilah, Director, Carriageworks, Sydney