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5 Things You Can Expect from American Psycho – The Musical

17 Jun 2021

Making its way to HOTA, its exclusive home in Queensland, now’s your chance to see what outraged, stunned, and delighted audiences all over the world. Controversial, callous and a whole lot of guilty fun, American Psycho – The Musical had theatre nerds and book lovers scratching their heads when it was announced that Bret Easton Ellis’ infamous novel was becoming a campy, over-the-top song and dance.

Uncertainty quickly turned to delight as production became a runaway success and captured the hearts of theatre purists and sceptics alike.

To get you ready for Mr Bateman, here’s five things you can expect from American Psycho – The Musical.

Patrick Bateman loves Huey Lewis and the News, isn’t that right Paul Allen? With music and lyrics provided by the incomparable Duncan Sheik, the soundtrack is mind-bendingly perfect. You’ll find yourself thoughtlessly bobbing along while Patrick mercilessly slaughters everyone around him.

Taking inspiration from Patrick’s morning routine, shallow, appearance obsession is a must for all actors stepping into the bloody raincoat of Bateman. Ben Gerrard and his co-stars are no exception. You’ll struggle to find a review that doesn’t mention the *ahem* physicality. This cast has already scored nine Sydney Theatre Awards, including Best Direction of a Musical and Best Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role in a Musical. A mouthful of praise towards Ben Gerrard, filling the enormous shoes of the originator of the role, Matt Smith (Doctor Who/The Crown).

How did Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Duncan Sheik turn one of the most controversial novels in recent history into a Broadway musical? A sickingly funny, wonderfully disturbing, and morosely satirical take on the Bret Easton Ellis work will have you snort laughing while questioning your own sanity.

Don’t get it twisted, this is absolutely a musical. It’s just not your mother’s musical or what you may expect from theatrical productions. On the contrary, this is a fantastic time to introduce your most ‘reluctant-to-embrace the magic of theatre’ friends to musicals. A step outside your comfort zone for newbies and performance connoisseurs alike, consider this your permission slip to try something new.

The decision to turn American Psycho into a musical was met with confusion and glazed stares. How could you possibly take something so disgusting, so controversial and set it to music? Shockingly, with immense success and strings of rave reviews. The production is due to arrive for a Queensland run, exclusively at HOTA, right off the back of a packed Sydney Opera House season. Pushing beyond the boundaries of what is the ‘standard’ for Broadway song and dance, the ride is worth the price of admission for American Psycho – The Musical.

Get your tickets now and find out what being Patrick Bateman is all about. Only at HOTA.