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At HOTA, students experience the arts through immersive and exciting learning experiences where their ideas are encouraged and valued. Our inquiry-based approach provokes curiosity, inspires the imagination, and opens doors to new ways of thinking about the world.

Programs are supported by experienced educators and are tailored to specific year levels and aligned with Australian Curriculum frameworks and subject areas. Our program provides for learners from Prep to Further and Higher Education, across schools, colleges, TAFE, universities and flexible learning sites.

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Blue Bones
Tue 15 Feb

Based on the true story of two teenagers’ romance as it blossoms then warps in the heat of bustling Singapore. Blue Bones is a one-woman show told with incredible honesty by Merlynn Tong. Combining multiple characters, kung fu and arcade dance games, the performance is a multi-lingual whirlwind of love and naivety, violence and courage.

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The Sleeping Beauty
25-26 Feb

Experience a special night on the Gold Coast as Queensland Ballet tour their exquisite box office breaking fairytale The Sleeping Beauty to the stunning Home of the Arts (HOTA).

Queensland Ballet’s most successful ballet of all time will weave the magic of true love’s kiss throughout the theatre after a hugely popular 2021 Brisbane season.

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Class Clowns
Tue 8 Mar

The search is on for Australia’s funniest teens!

Open to teens aged 14-18 (Years 9-12), we’re on the look-out for the next generation of funny people. It’s free to enter, and all you need is a 3-5 minute original act in any style of comedy.

Events start with a 2-hour workshop, where teens rehearse and refine their act with the help of a professional comedian, followed by the opportunity to perform for a live audience.

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Black Cockatoo
Tue 12 Apr

Inspired by the true story of legendary First Nations cricketer Johnny Mullagh and Australia’s first ever international sporting team, this is not just about cricket. This is a story of strength, resistance, hope and possibility.

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Fri 27 May

Medea is a former Barbarian Princess who left her world behind for the man she loves. When she learns that her husband Jason, leader of the Argonauts, is planning to leave her to marry Glauce, the Greek Princess of Corinth, her love and passion turns to blind rage. With her place in Greek society already under threat, Medea is then banished into exile. This devastating betrayal drives Medea to plot a shocking and calculated revenge on Jason, and take back control in a society ruled by men.

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Sat 18 Jun

A visceral and thrilling exploration of the juxtaposition of beauty and devastation, this full-length work features a new score full of emotional power from Grammy Award-winning composer Bryce Dessner.

When COVID-19 struck in March 2020, Impermanence was only four days from its world premiere and opening night. As the impact of the pandemic became apparent, performances were cancelled and artists sent into lockdown. Life, and recovery, were on hold, but the collaboration persevered. The ASQ recorded the compositions in lockdown, the dancers rehearsed in isolation, and with the added poignancy of a pandemic that has exposed so many vulnerabilities and changed us all at a profound level, Impermanence returns to the stage.

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Wed 31 Aug – Thu 1 Sep

SILENCE is about the space in between. The conversations not being heard and the responses that are muted. Through the beating of a drum, bodies thrash through frequencies to uncover what lies in the SILENCE.

We have marched across Country. We have had promises made and promises broken. We have drafted our own, and we are still the only sovereign peoples without one. In SILENCE we pull it from under the rug and slam it back on the table. Let’s listen to the SILENCE and design an agreement to heal us, our land and the wound of this nation. Because the conversation about a TREATY will never be silenced.

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Romeo and Juliet
8-9 Sep

The existential crisis facing our world today, the product of a lack of practical leadership from our earth’s elders, has triggered a deafening chorus of ‘How dare you!’, screamed from the heart of our planet’s youth. And it’s not just about climate issues. What can children teach us in their struggle to be heard?

Sport for Jove’s furiously energetic new production of Romeo & Juliet is characterised by a true vision of today’s youth – the rarely seen innovation of actual teenagers playing the play’s children – Juliet, Romeo, Paris, Mercutio, Benvolio, Balthazar, and surrounded by an extraordinary cast of experienced players, gives this production an authenticity and honest rawness, danger and the genuine awkwardness of youth.

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Sunshine Super Girl
Tue 27 Sep

Evonne Goolagong’s heartwarming story is a celebration of spirit and passion over adversity, and a tribute to a woman whose sporting prowess continues to inspire a nation.

This is a quintessentially Blak Australian story about a girl from the bush who dared to dream, and with the support of an outback farming town became the number one tennis player in the world.

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The Farm are back at HOTA

Glass Child
13-15 Oct

Glass Child is a poignantly revealing depiction of the sibling relationship between Kayah, a young man with Down Syndrome and his sister Maitreyah. Expressed through dance, theatre and storytelling Glass Child highlights their connection and how their lives have been affected by other people’s perceptions.

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Jane Eyre
21-22 Oct

Charlotte Brontë’s iconic gothic tale, boldly adapted for the stage by critically-acclaimed shake & stir theatre co.

Witness one of the most iconic pieces of English literature retold in a faithful yet fiercely original new stage adaptation from the nationally-renowned shake & stir theatre co (Animal Farm, Dracula).

This stunning new production, featuring original music, written and by multi ARIA Award winner Sarah McLeod, will set a fire blazing in your soul.

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Moonlight Ballet
10-12 Nov

Full of humour, colourful kitsch and seamless contemporary choreography, this double bill under the starts and in the outdoors is a tribute to the classic dance moves of the decade and will have audiences bopping along on their picnic rugs and dancing out of their seats.

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Camerata & Lior: Compassion
Sat 10 Sep

Leading Australian singer/songwriter Lior and Camerata will at last come together to perform the profound, poetic, and award-winning work, Compassion, alongside work from Australian composer, Robert Davidson.

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Edge of the Present
Thu 17 Feb – Thu 24 Feb 2022

Edge of the Present is an Australian world-first first, mixed reality (virtual reality (VR) + physical) environment for suicide prevention and improving mental health. Participants experience spectacular visual transformations, designed to cultivate future thinking and proven to improve mood and hopefulness in 10 minutes.

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Frankenstein – Online Film Screening

A digital screening available for download for schools that is part electrifying gig, part thrilling theatre, Frankenstein: How To Make A Monster is a powerful and poetic show that pushes the power of the human voice to its expressive, musical and rhythmic limits. Six performers with six microphones take apart Mary Shelley’s original and reimagine a world of modern monsters – from our over stimulated digital age to the pressures to conform – while taking musical inspirations from Pachelbel to The Prodigy.

Arts Bus Fund

Arts Bus Fund is an initiative to assist in reducing the cost of bus travel to HOTA. Schools can apply to the fund to receive a one-off subsidy to contribute towards bus travel to see an exhibition, performance or participate in a workshop.

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