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Pressure Makes Diamonds EP


Matthew Gray

About This Project:

Pressure Makes Diamonds is an upcoming experimental recording and writing project from Gold Coast Producer Matt Gray. He will be fusing jazz, house, hiphop and contemporary music together into one EP. This record, not unlike this time of our lives, is an attempt to see order in the chaos and possibly even find meaning in the darkness.

The uncertainty of this time will certainly be represented sonically, although Matt himself says he’s not quite sure exactly what this record is going to sound like yet.

“I kind of want to just let it happen in the designated week, I don’t want to enter this project with any notion of what I want it to be, except for the fact that it will indeed be a fusion music experiment.” – Matt Gray, 2020

This EP will sound exactly as it sounds. Nothing more, nothing less. This is Matt’s attempt to see if pressure really does make diamonds.

The Project Outcome:

Listen to Pressure Makes Diamonds below.

About the Artist:

Sax, yep. Guitar, yep. Drums, yep. Keys, yep.

The list just keeps on going for this artist/multi-instrumentalist from the Gold Coast. Matt Gray has the sound of a suave lion, tame and regal while at the same time, ferocious and full of attitude.

Matt has performed in numerous acts and shows as a musician and dancer (that’s right, he’s a hip-hop dancer and choreographer too!) during his time in Canberra, Gold Coast and Brisbane, among many other places. In Matt you will find a true renaissance man, committed to all kinds of art and expression, thriving on the clash of sounds and genres he brings to life through his musical alchemy.


Pressure Makes Diamonds has been supported by HOTA, Home of the Arts through HOTA’s Artist Fund, Rage Against The V(irus). 

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Image credit: Photo by Corey Fisher.