Pre-Visit Information

We can’t wait to welcome you and your students to HOTA, Home of the Arts. We’ve put together some useful information to help you prepare for your visit.

Before you arrive

Risk Assessment

Download a copy of HOTA Gallery’s Risk Assessment form by clicking on the button below to prepare for your visit.

Risk Assessment (PDF)

Education Resources

Resources that align with the Australian Curriculum, for before and after your visit.

Education Resources

School Bags

Ideally school bags should be left at school or on the bus. However, if necessary, students can place their school bags under their seats when seeing a show, or into locker storage at HOTA Gallery.

Gallery School Bag Locker storage is limited and must be booked. Please complete the Gallery School Booking Request Form (provide link) or email [email protected].

Gallery School Booking Request Form

During your visit

Introduce yourself

Please introduce yourself to one of our friendly visitor services officers. They are your best point of contact on the day.

Visiting HOTA Gallery - Social Story (PDF)

Ticket Collection

Please send one representative to speak to a Visitor Services Officer when you arrive. They will be near the Lower Ground Entrance of HOTA Gallery.

Grouping & Assembly

There are designated waiting areas located at HOTA.

Refer to the precinct map below for further information.

As HOTA is a busy place, please be mindful of other visitors and keep stairs, access areas and thoroughfares clear as best you can.

Bus Drop Off & Parking

Groups can be dropped off in the drive through area at either front of HOTA Central or in the carpark near HOTA Gallery. There are limited bus spaces, once these are full drivers will need to find alternate parking and then return at the agreed time to collect the school group.


External lenders to exhibitions may impose different conditions restricting sketching activities. VSOs will be briefed by Curatorial/Collections staff via their team leaders if any displays are restricted.

Public programs and Event staff may restrict sketching during particular activities.

Food and beverage staff may restrict sketching in restaurant and bar spaces, at the discretion of their supervisors.

Accessible Parking & Access

Disabled parking can be found to the left of the main entrance (HOTA Central) or near the Lower Ground Entrance of the HOTA Gallery.

Disabled access is available via the ramps into both HOTA Central and HOTA Gallery.

Filming & Photography

Schools are welcome to take photos during Gallery visits in some exhibitions – please check with our visitor services officers or gallery signage for permissions. Photographs must be taken without the use of flash or tripod, for private use only.

Eat & Drink

HOTA Café as wide variety of food and drink available. If your group plans on using the HOTA Café, please notify us so that staff can be prepared. Students may make take away orders, however the Café must be notified in advance. To make a booking, please call ahead on 07 5588 4087.

There are multiple locations to enjoy lunch across HOTA. See map for locations.

Sketching in the gallery

HOTA Gallery welcomes visitors who wish to sketch or take notes in exhibition spaces provided they do so safely, follow instructions provided by staff, and are not disruptive to HOTA events or visitors.

Visitors are permitted to copy artworks, take notes, draw architectural features and views, and sketch portraits. Sketches and note taking must be done with pencils only. Paints, inks, charcoals, permanent markers, pastels, and chalks are not permitted. Spray fixatives and varnishes are not permitted.

Gallery staff may use their discretion to ask visitors to stop sketching or to move to a different position if they feel a visitor presents a risk to an artwork or is disruptive to thenormal flow of movement in gallery spaces.


We want everyone to have a great time when they come to HOTA. And we’re committed to making sure the arts are accessible to everyone. Let us know if you need any specific assistance when you arrive, and we’ll make the arrangements.

There are accessible parking spaces close to the front of HOTA Central and HOTA Gallery, and designated set-down and pick up areas. For wheelchair users and people with mobility requirements there are ramps that provide access from street level to both HOTA Central and HOTA Gallery. There are also lifts and equal access toilets across the HOTA precinct.


Toilets can be found in the main foyer at HOTA Central or the Lower Ground, Level 3 and Level 5 at HOTA Gallery.

A Changing Places toilet and changing facility can be found on the lower ground floor of HOTA Gallery. Accessible toilets can be found on the lower ground floor, in the Gallery Studio and on level three of HOTA Gallery.

Staying Safe


Student behaviour, safety and security are the teachers responsibility.

Groups must be supervised at all times.

Risk Assessment

Download a copy of HOTA Gallery’s Risk Assessment form to prepare for your visit.

Risk Assessment (PDF)

COVID Safe Plan

We use the Check In Queensland app. Please make sure you follow Queensland government guidelines at

HOTA's COVID Safe Plan

Getting Here

HOTA Precinct Map

Use this map to learn about bus drop offs, parking, eating areas, toilets. etc.

HOTA Precinct Getting Here (PDF)

HOTA – Internal Building Maps

HOTA Gallery

Here’s what you’ll find inside the HOTA Gallery.

HOTA Gallery Map (PDF)

HOTA Central

Here’s what you’ll find inside HOTA Central.

HOTA Central Map (JPG)

Getting Here – Additional Info

Here’s some additional info about getting to HOTA.

Getting Here

Contact Us

For further information, or if you still have questions, please contact our education team.

Contact Us