Daniele Constance and Jorge Serra

About This Project:

Orange is a striking and almost unmissable giant being – moving, living, day by day, viewed from within the confines of a two-bedroom apartment in Coolangatta. Striving to be an enigma in an increasingly restricted and familiar environment.

Drawing on performance, choreographic and photographic practices, Orange aims to capture the domestic duties, joys, sorrows, absurdities and small freedoms of our new normal lifestyle during the Covid-19 crisis. This photo and short film series follows a largely mundane routine, providing a glimpse into the private world of this individual, who in many ways, reflects all of us.

This work is a collaboration between performance maker Daniele Constance and photographer/videographer Jorge Serra as they share a living space together during isolation.

The Project Outcome:

Experience the joy and absurdty of Orange on Instagram stories, starting from Thu 14 May.

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About the Artist:

Daniele is a participatory artist, art therapist and producer, with a strong focus on socially engaged art making practices. She creates artistic works that draw from direct experience and storytelling, using verbatim, documentary, contemporary and embodied performance practices.

She has trained with artistic companies including: Rawcus (Melbourne), Force Majeure (Sydney), one step at a time like this (Melbourne), Ping Chong+Company (NYC), which has given her a strong and diverse embodied performance language, understanding of and continued practice with: dance theatre, participatory art, site specific performance, large scale and long standing community arts projects.

Daniele has experience working with diverse and marginalised community groups to create a platform for capacity building, skills development and creative expression – with a strong artistic merit and ethical approach to working with community.

Daniele is also the proud Director and Co-Founder of social enterprise Suitcase Rummage, which takes place in Brisbane, Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney and regional areas across the country.


Orange has been supported by HOTA, Home of the Arts through HOTA’s Artist Fund, Rage Against The V(irus).

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Image credit: Photo by Jorge Serra.