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OK, Zoomer


Art-Work Agency

About This Project:

Zoom has quickly become the go-to for digital meetings. It’s great – until you’re in a serious discussion and realise your washing is hanging behind you and your kids start wreaking havoc and running around in the nude. Enter – Art-Work Agency’s OK, Zoomer Virtual Background series.

Art-Work is working with their five Gold Coast-based designers and artists to create a series of Zoom Virtual Backgrounds. The artists have been challenged to “reimagine their ideal working space” and create a background scene in response to this brief, a virtual opportunity to explore the concept of remote work in a creative and uplifting way.

The Project Outcome:

First thing’s first – read the instructions below explaining how to use the Virtual Zoom Backgrounds.

The Virtual Zoom Backgrounds

Sunshine State of Mind – Laura Strange

“An ode of gratitude to our Sunshine State home. I would rather be “stuck” here in paradise during isolation with the sunshine, April’s mild weather and abundance of the good things in life than anywhere else.”

Hidden Depths – Emma van Zaane

“A surrealist look into the depths of my mind; looking beyond the fog of doubt and fear to find the most ageless and purest form. She is where creativity and inspiration are born.”

By the poolside – Elke Gill

“I have already been working in my ‘ideal workplace’ (after the AW Studio of course) with breaks that consist of beach walks, creek swims and doggo pats so I chose to take myself to a Friday afternoon cocktail by the pool. *Sunnies must be worn at all times when this Zoom background is in use.”

Jack – Claudio Kirac

“After years of working from a home studio, I tend to now miss the daily interactions with pets we have in our home spaces. There have been many studio cats, but Jack is definitely the most bizarre of feline creatures. A Black and White Cat, with no grey area – It’s a give and take kind of situation, bound by affection and love.”

Surface – Laurie Oxenford

“Working from home and life in isolation has made time enjoying afternoon shadows on walls, appreciating the sun and slow moments instead of trying to race against them.”

About the Artists:

Claudio Kirac
Creative director, artist, designer, photographer
Often described as a modern-day renaissance man, Claudio’s career in creative direction, photography, art and design spans over 20 years.

Following a 15-year career with Billabong International as a designer, photographer and creative director, Claudio (CK as he is affectionately known) now leads Art-Work’s creative team, heading up the development of projects for small businesses through to enterprise and government clients.

With his head in the clouds and two feet planted firmly on the ground, Claudio constantly investigates the crossover between contemporary art and popular culture whilst questioning the norm within a commercial field, transcending the boundaries between analogue and digital design.

Claudio has self-published three books of artwork and photography, ‘Para el Sexo Dialimento’ with ABCK (2006) ‘INFINITEYE’ (2008) and Dreamland (2012) with a selection of these now in the permanent collection of the National Library of Australia (Canberra) and the NYC State Library collection (NY,NY). Claudio’s work has been acquired by Gold Coast City Gallery for his ‘Something Concrete’ photo series produced for Bleach* Festival 2014.

His most notable public speaking rolls include the Semi-Permanent, Agideas and Analogue/Digital conferences as well as keynote speaker for AGDA the DIA and Apple.

Laurie Oxenford
Laurie Oxenford is an emerging artist, producer and curator. Her work has been shown in solo and group exhibitions across the state and is a part of private collections nationally.

Laurie has developed a passion for advocating for young artists and the role the arts can play in community after contributing to Future. Now. Youth Forum, First Coat Studios and more. She has also facilitated recycled sculptural building workshops sharing her love for accessible and sustainable art making.

Laurie is passionate about facilitating public art and community art initiatives, providing opportunities for artists and producing culture to incite collective change. She delivered 22 art exhibitions as the Lead Curator at First Coat Studios (2018) and now provides project and administrative support to non-for-profit organisation Murals for Change. Laurie graduated from the University of Southern Queensland with a Bachelor of Creative Art specialising in spatial construction.

Emma van Zaane
Visual designer, illustrator, stylist
Emma’s creative career started long before she made the transition into the world of design, with over a decade of experience working in high fashion and styling.

Throughout this time she gained skills that transfer seamlessly to the design industry – she is highly attuned to client needs and has a deep understanding of what translates visually across both two and three dimensional mediums.

After deciding to refocus her career in 2014, Emma pursued an Advanced Diploma in Visual Communication. During her studies she was listed as a finalist in both the Brisbane Advertising and Design Club Awards and Design Institute Australia’s Young Graduate of the Year.

Her fashion background influences her creative aesthetic. Textures, layers and colour combine to produce elegant, highly considered work. This aesthetic spills into her styling practice, where she effortlessly combines products and garments to create bold, impactful visuals. She is also a skilled illustrator, with an ability to craft highly detailed, realistic works from graphite – a talent has been nurtured since a young age through her creative family environment.

As her love for creativity started at a young age, Emma hopes to inspire other young people to pursue creative careers. As such, she has taught illustration as a volunteer art teacher and worked alongside Claudio, supporting several community-focused creative projects.

Elke Gill
Visual designer, animator, illustrator
Elke is an emerging creative practitioner with a focus on environmentally conscious design.

Her passions lie in creating interactive experiences through motion and digital art, designing and producing laser cut jewellery, and utilizing her skillset in visual design and marketing to build brands.

Elke has a sound understanding of the psychology behind consumer actions, honed through her studies as well as two internships undertaken at JSA Creative and Art-Work Agency.

Elke has ambition to create memorable and conscious brands, as well as design digital and physical spaces that insight thought, inspire feelings and tell stories.

Laura Strange
Visual designer
Laura is a multidisciplinary designer with extensive experience across digital, broadcast, print and brand design.

Her creative journey began as a broadcast designer for Seven Network while undertaking a Bachelor of Design at Griffith University’s College of Art where she was awarded Best Portfolio. Laura’s work has since been exhibited in over 20 group shows, and her design has been work recognised professionally on several occasions.

Laura is passionate about cultivating vibrant cultural communities – something that is reflected in the projects she collaborates on, such as creating a guidebook to the Gold Coast in collaboration with 11 local creatives and driving the project management of a successful rollout of the new HOTA brand (previously The Arts Centre Gold Coast).


OK, Zoomer has been supported by HOTA, Home of the Arts through HOTA’s Artist Fund, Rage Against The V(irus). 

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Image credit: Artwork by Laura Strange.