The Roots Music Festival

Welcome to the Gold Coast’s first Roots Music Festival.

In celebration of this genre which encompasses soul, blues, reggae, folk and more, a star-studded line up of roots artists will set the scene for a perfect family Sunday of sunshine, music, food, beverages and cultural diversity.

Featuring Little Georgia, Karl S Williams, Bobby Alu and Band of Frequencies, relax, take in the views of our tropical parklands and soak up the sounds with this new family-friendly music festival that’s not to be missed!

This event is part of the HOME series.

Artist Lineup

Karl S Williams

Karl S Williams emerged from the cane country of Northern New South Wales, steeped in swamp water and primitive music. His songs are a distillation of life, love and the human condition; a kind of folk, soul, blues but not as you know it. With a weaponised voice that can soar, moan and ache with best of them, he writes timeless music, rooted in tradition but also firmly conversant with the present. Karl S Williams show is frequently referred to as a spiritual experience- delivered with a visceral conviction that leaves audiences profoundly moved.

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Little Georgia

No strangers to the road, Australian folk-rock duo Little Georgia have spent the last 4 years touring relentlessly and sharing their music around the globe. Known for their powerful live performances, collaborators Justin Carter and Ashleigh Mannix deliver beautiful harmonies and compelling lyrics amongst a sea of acoustic storytelling and crazed out electric jams.

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Bobby Alu

Move. And be moved. Find your flow and go about each day to the rhythm of your own making. That’s the theme of 2019 for Byron Bay singer, ukulele strummer and drummer Bobby Alu. It’s been a long-time personal and musical mission for the tropical ambassador, too. Amidst smooth harmonies, rhythms inspired by a strong family lineage of Polynesian performance, and unassuming grooves that work a gradual, smile-inducing high through even a casual listener, Bobby Alu tunes have a way of sneaking into the subconscious and taking up residence. Every now and then, one will pop up as a toe-tapping reminder to take it slow, enjoy the ride. It’s the curator of calm’s way –deliver island-time vibes with gentle optimism rather than forceful instruction, and encourage the type of reflection best achieved in a hammock. Though it’s not all palm trees and daydreams – there’s a robust energy in Alu’s mastery of traditional Samoan log drums, and a vitality to his song writing that nods to world, roots and pop intelligence.

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Band of Frequencies

Progressive surf roots rockers Band of Frequencies have played all over the world drawing their influences from a vast spectrum of roots, rock, electronic and psychedelic styles. Their signature blend comes from years of live experimentation, constantly pushing their influences into the creative fires to see what melts, what explodes and what merges. They have now successfully forged a bond of sonic elements that represent their coastal roots and strikes a chord in the hearts of passionate music lovers around the globe. The name Band of Frequencies refers to the concept that each person vibrates at a certain frequency with the lowest being fear and hate and the highest being love and compassion.

“Like radio and TV stations, we also broadcast our particular band of frequencies at any given moment. We are just a Band of Freq’s doing our thing to raise the collective frequency through sound”.

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The Roots Music Festival – Spotify Playlist

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