Stories in the Key of GC


Welcome to Gold Coast’s own storytelling night.

Local wordsmiths will weave their tales in amongst a soundscape of live sound designed by Cold Ghost, the moniker for Gold Coast musician Fletch Babb.

A jazz-trained flautist and an Honours graduate from the Griffith University Popular Music program, Fletch released three independent alt-folk albums in WA before relocating and releasing Bachelor Tapes as Cold Ghost on the Gold Coast – a mix of alt-folk, rock and psychedelia, peppered with sonic surprises. Completely deaf in one ear due to childhood mumps, Fletch has created a feast for the senses in stereo by manipulating his own mono experience.

Hosted by Bern Young, host of the Breakfast show on ABC Gold Coast, Stories in the Key of GC is a celebration of local culture, and the joy of story.

Joining Fletcher and Bern on stage to tell tales of their own and sharing those from others, will be reporter and serial eavesdropper, Amy Mac; award-winning writer, Lystra Bisschop; best selling author, Tim Baker; and hilarious co-host of Hot Tomato’s Breakfast Show, Sean Flanagan.

Presented by HOTA, Home of the Arts

Our Storytellers


In her twenty-two years of living on the Gold Coast, Amy has heard a metric motherload of stories through her work as a broadcaster, reporter and serial eavesdropper. Amy is by her nature, nosy. If you tell her your life story, she’ll grill you for info and then think of ways to retell it at parties by enhancing the embarrassing bits. It’s kind of her thing. Her other things are mceeing, mothering, volunteering and generally lovin’ the guts of the Gold Coast.


Lystra Bisschop grew up in Far North Queensland and descends from the Guugu Yimithirr, Birri Gubba, Torres Strait Islander people, and also has Scottish-New Zealand ancestry. In 2018, Lystra was the recipient of the black&write! fellowship, a national writing competition run by the State Library of Queensland for her manuscript The Upwelling. Throughout her career, Lystra has been a visual communicator: Teacher of the Deaf, graphic designer, photographer… and storyteller.


Tim Baker is the best-selling author of numerous books on surfing, including “Bustin’ Down The Door,” (Harper Collins, 1996), “High Surf” (Harper Collins, 2007) and “Occy” (Random House, 2008).
“Occy” was a national bestseller and chosen by the Australia Council as one of “50 Books You can’t Put Down” in 2008. His work has appeared in Rolling Stone, the Sydney Morning Herald, the Australian Financial Review, the Bulletin, Inside Sport, GQ, as well as surfing magazines around the world.


Some people are born on the Gold Coast, Sean was conceived on the GC! Best known as “Flan”, a co-host of the Breakfast show on Hot Tomato, he began his radio career in Sydney writing comedy for the likes of Andrew Denton, Amanda Keller and Mikey Robbins. He’s recently been working on a film script while awaiting a call-up for the Ashes team, based on his past performance in the Thursday Night Division 2 indoor cricket comp at Ashmore’s Gold Coast Indoor Sports.


Stories in the Key of GC has been supported by HOTA, Home of Arts and City of Gold Coast through HOTA’s Creative Development Program.

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