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Love on the Beach


Cold Ghost

About This Project:

‘Love on the Beach’ is a triptych of songs inspired by the scenario set out in Nevil Shute’s 1957 novel, ‘On the Beach’. 
Written at the height of the Cold War, the superpowers in the northern hemisphere have engaged in a nuclear war that has resulted in total destruction. The radioactive cloud is slowly drifting south and Australians are the last on the planet waiting for the inevitable end. 
Shute was thought to be inspired by American poet Walt Whitman’s “On the Beach at Night”, a poem about a father and daughter watching the stars “die” behind the clouds. 
The songs are all about love. Love in the shadow of an apocalypse. Eternal Love. Love that is destined to die. 
All songs are written, recorded and produced at home in Covid-induced isolation and feature members of Fletch’s own household, affectionately known as ‘The Babb Family Singers’. 
This EP is part of a broader project to unfold in the decade of the 2020’s, using 20/20 hindsight to explore our past in the hope of better understanding our present and future possibilities. 

The Project Outcome:

Listen to the tracks now.

Love on the Beach   

A Father and Daughter stand on the beach. Black clouds threaten to cover the night sky and the child is worried. The father assures her with the immortality of the stars, and of love. Walt Witman’s poem ‘On the beach at Night’ is this song’s muse. 


Oh Bernadette  

When the end of life is close, do you still tend to your garden with love. I would like to hope we all do. This is a love song for Bernadette Rose. 

Featuring Banquo on the keyboards 


Far Out to Sea 

Be free, put all your fears to sleep, there’s no time to look away. Far out to sea, there’s a different future for you and me. This song drifts away with the fate of our mortality. Our love gets stronger, waiting to die, waiting to be free. 

Featuring Bernadette and Jonquil as the singing sirens. 

About the Artist:

Cold Ghost is the moniker for Gold Coast songwriter and musician Fletcher Babb.

His 2018 debut album, Bachelor Tapes was nominated for Release of the Year, 2019 Gold Coast Music Awards and is a mix of alt-folk, rock and psychedelia, while being saturated in analogue tape and peppered with sonic surprises. The album was a culmination of his Bachelor of Popular Music with Honours at Griffith University.

Fletch is also curator and creator of the ongoing Stories in the Key of GC project. This is a live event where storytellers share their true GC stories and Fletch, aka Cold Ghost, provides the original soundtrack and on-stage sound design.

A jazz-trained flautist, Fletch first released three independent alt-folk albums under as “Fletch” in his hometown of Perth before heading East with his young family in 2011.

Fletch is currently working on Cold Ghost’s second album and the next phase of Stories of the Key of GC to be hosted at HOTA in 2020/21 while also pursuing a decade-long musical project “20/20 Hindsight” inspired by Australia’s history to challenge the way we look at our future.

“Songs range from gorgeously fragile, Neil Young channelling alt-folk numbers with co-female vocals through to woozy, dreamlike soundscapes, with Fletch ably demonstrating his skills in taking listeners on a sonic journey via the incorporation of analogue tape manipulation and studio experimentation.”  Blank GC


Love on the Beach has been supported by HOTA, Home of the Arts through HOTA’s Artist Fund: Rage against the V(irus).

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Image credit: Cold Ghost (Fletcher Babb)