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Isolation Journey Suite with 5 Plants


Mik Lavage

About This Project:

This project is a meditation on isolation and nature; nature surrounding the Gold Coast, and the nature surrounding artist Mik Lavage in his isolation. Staying within the confines of his neighbourhood, Mik will use technology developed by Devodama at Damanhur in Italy to create a short musical video. All sounds in the piece will be created by recording the activity of 5 plants using a device based on a polygraph (ie a lie detector) with zero overdubs – giving each plant a unique voice to create a soundtrack that is both cohesive and evocative. The result is a cinematic journey exploring all things within Mik’s grasp at this strange time.

The Project Outcome:

Watch the journey now.

About the Artist:

Mik Lavage is an Australian Sound & Vision designer, composer and musician. Working on stage and screen, Mik has been nominated for AFI awards (screen) and worked on a number of award winning shows (including Helpmann Award) (stage). 

Mik has collaborated with a broad range of artists and companies; from the ancient Greek leanings of IHOS opera to the acrobatic worlds of The Tom Tom Crew, Company @ & Strange Fruit, performing worldwide, including Melbourne, Munich, Montreal, Detroit, Paris & Taipei to name a few. He currently tours globally with The Orkestra of the Underground, Company 2, Gravity & Other Myths, IHOS, Hermitude and Toni Childs working as Designer of Sound, musical performer and designer of interactive Visual Elements. 

In the last 12 months Mik has been part of creative teams on a large number of performances including Company 2 – “Le Coup”, IHOS – “Backwards from Winter” (Dark Mofo), Strut’n’Fret – “Life” (Brisbane Festival & Gravity & Other Myths – “Out of Chaos” (Adelaide Festival, Noordezon & Chamaleon Theatre Berlin). 

Mik is also a graduate of AFTRS (Australian Film, Television & Radio School) in music composition for film, and has produced numerous albums as a solo artist as well as with Toni Childs. His music has been featured in many dance, theatre and film productions that range from political documentary to feature film. 


Isolation Journey Suite with 5 Plants has been supported by HOTA, Home of the Arts through HOTA’s Artist Fund, Rage Against The V(irus). 

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Image credit: Photo by Mik Lavage.