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HOTA Housemates


One of the ways that we support artists is by providing access to short-term development space, technical support, producing advice and more to develop new work or further develop existing work. When you hear music around HOTA at odd times you know that creatives are bringing new ideas to life.


Jenna Robertson & collaborators – Spirit Orphan


Kayah Guenther with Philip Channells, Stone/Castro, Lewis Major, Gavin Webber – Tall Man

White Rabbit Theatre Ensemble – Needles and Pins

ARC Circus – In the Arms of Morpheus

We also hosted residencies for 17 new contemporary dance works in development in partnership with Supercell: Festival of Contemporary Dance through The Makers Program 2021.


Michael Smith & Ashleigh Musk – Fertile Ground

Liesel Zink & collaborators – Us and All of This

David Carberry & collaborators – Smash Parade

Daniele Constance, Matt Cornell & Dan Koop – Hear, Here

Shaun Charles & collaborators – A Night at the Pink Poodle

Shock Therapy Productions – Viral: Live Studio Audience (livestream to Mumbai)

The Farm – Stunt Double

Karul Projects – SILENCE

Gogi Dance Collective – Lufthaus

While our doors were temporarily closed in mid 2020 due to Covid-19, we also supported 51 projects to be developed from home through our Rage against the V(irus) program. View the works created and read more about the artists here.


Kate Harman & Toby Angus – This Ain’t No Pussy Show

The Farm – Hold me closer Tony Danza
HOTA were a proud creative development partner on this work as part of the 2020 Keir Choreographic Award.

We also supported 12 projects to be developed through our Creative Development Program , with a little help from our friends at City of Gold Coast.

Interested in being a HOTA Housemate?

If you don’t have an existing relationship with HOTA, consider introducing yourself and your work to us. Please keep in mind that we can only support a limited number of projects each year through this program.

Image 1: Us and All of This in development by Liesel Zink and collaborators. Photo by Scott Belzner.
Image 2: Fertile Ground in development by Ashleigh Musk and Michael Smith. Photo by Amber Haines.
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