We are Gold Coast: works from the Gallery at HOTA collection

We are not the place you used to know, we are not what you think. We are Gold Coast.

The Gold Coast is often misjudged and scorned by out-dated beliefs that it’s just surf, schoolies and theme parks.

But we know ‘The Goldie’ is driven by youthful and infectious energy; incredible natural wonders and a talented, thriving artistic community.

Featuring works from the collection, this vibrant exhibition is a visual exploration of our identity and sense of place. It provides the opportunity to contrast the ‘old’ and ‘new’ Gold Coast and documents the vibrant cultural evolution of the area.

Natural hinterland beauty, pristine beaches and tropical lifestyle lured 20th century artists to document their experience on the Coast, and are represented in works by Lloyd Rees, Fred Williams, Albert Tucker, Vida Lahey, Ethel Carrick Fox, Betty Quelhurst, Jeff Carter, and Graham Burstow.

Featured alongside these historical snapshots are works by contemporary artists who began their career on the Gold Coast or continue to call the Gold Coast home, including Michael Zarvos, Scott Redford, Chris Bennie, Anna Carey, Victoria Reichelt and Donna Marcus.


  1. Dean Cogle | Miami Ice | 2012 | synthetic polymer on canvas | Collection, Gallery at HOTA. Gift of Jeanie Neumann OAM 2012
  2. Luke Roberts | Exorcism XII: The chaos of memory | 1991 | mixed media on canvas | Collection, Gallery at HOTA. Purchased with the assistance of Division 7 1991
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