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From My Perspective


Thea Skelsey

About This Project:

People across the world are stuck at home, looking out the same window/balcony/door each morning. Has the beauty in our surroundings has become redundant?

Thea Skelsey invites audiences to experience a new perspective on what is right in front of you.

Through this project, we will also see a little insight into alternate situations. Some views are from those who have been through quarantine, some who live in vans, and some who now have to work from home due to the virus. These images will then be simplified into their most basic line works and hand-painted in acrylic onto a canvas.  

The Project Outcome:

Thea’s work will premiere on Tuesday 9 June. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see her work first.

About the Artist:

Thea Skelsey Art comes from a place of pure creative freedom. What started as an outlet from the mundane, day-to-day work life has moulded into a loving representation of my coastal home, and distant travels. These pieces are designed to create a sense of relaxation and warmth for your homes, through the use of colour and shape.


From My Perspective has been supported by HOTA, Home of the Arts through HOTA’s Artist Fund, Rage Against The V(irus). 

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Image credit: Thea Skelsey