From 17 December visitors to HOTA will be required to be fully vaccinated. Check our FAQs here.

FAQs - Laid-back mode

FAQs – Laid-back mode

What type of event mode is this?

  • This event is in Laid-back mode
    • All tickets are General Admission
    • Basic camping chairs, rugs and low lying beach chairs are permitted (although low lying beach chairs are not recommended)
  • VIP Section includes seating provided

What am I allowed to bring with me into the event?

  • Basic camping chairs, rugs and low lying beach chairs (although low lying beach chairs are not recommended)
  • Sealed unopened soft plastic water bottles up to 600ml – lids may be removed (event dependant)
  • empty water bottles or soft plastic water bottles up to 600ml with lids removed for filling at our water bubblers
  • ponchos
  • small bags
  • working guide dogs and assistance dogs
  • prams or strollers

What do I need to bring with me?

  • if it’s a ticketed event, please bring your ticket.
  • ID – You will need one of the following IDs on arrival and on your person throughout the entire event: Current valid Australian driver’s license (with photo) Current Passport, Government Issued Proof of Age Card, Victorian Keypass, International Driver’s License (must contain a photograph).
  • Wear sensible footwear – the outdoor stage has some sloped and uneven areas.
  • Come prepared for rain or shine – there are no sheltered areas. If the forecast is for rain please wear sensible footwear/gumboots and bring a poncho or raincoat.
  • Basic camping chair or rug (please see “can I bring a chair?” chair section for more information)

What are examples of prohibited items/thing you can't bring?

  • No deck chairs, reclining chairs, beanbags, blow-up air chairs or lounges (The only chairs permitted are basic camping chairs with back of chair no higher than 100cm. Low-lying beach chairs are also permitted but not recommended).
  • Alcohol. This will be a licensed event, alcohol will be available for purchase.
  • Selfie or Go Pro sticks.
  • Aerosols, sunshades, tents and tables.
  • Umbrellas, even if it’s raining. Bring good quality raincoats and gumboots instead.
  • Glass containers of any variety.
  • Professional cameras (including SLR’s & any camera with a removable lens) and sound and video recording equipment. For full details read the answer to ‘Can I bring my camera or sound and video recording equipment?’ below.
  • Pets (other than guide and registered service dogs)
  • Beanbags, blow-up air chairs or lounges.
  • Eskys or cooler bags larger than 26L (cabin sized)

There will be a security check at the gate. You will have the opportunity to return prohibited items to your vehicle or the cloakroom. Anything illegal will be confiscated.

HOTA does not take any responsibility for confiscated items.

Can I bring a chair?

You are permitted to bring a basic camping chair or rugs (back of chair no higher than 100cm). Low lying beach chairs are also permitted but they are not recommended.

No deck chairs, reclining chairs, beanbags, blow-up air chairs or lounges.

We do ask that patrons are considerate with how much space they take up with items such as chairs and rugs and reserve the right to ask patrons to condense their space to help accommodate other patrons.

Will there be a cloakroom?

No. Please check what you can and cannot bring. You will be asked to take prohibited items back to your car.

Can I bring my camera or sound and video equipment?

Professional cameras and video and recording equipment are not allowed.

Recording devices including iPads / tablets or any mobile phone measuring greater than 20cm are not allowed.

Generally, cameras with powerful zoom lenses or detachable lenses in a carry case are not allowed. We can’t judge that beforehand. It’s up to security staff on the day, and debate will not be entered into. Unauthorized or prohibited photography may result in images being deleted.

Media and professional photographers must arrange accreditation by contacting [email protected] or calling 07 5588 4012.

Can I bring my own alcohol?

No. The event will be licensed and alcohol to be available for purchase at the venue.

ID will be required to purchase alcohol and as always please do not drink and drive!

Can I bring an esky?

No esky’s or cooler bags larger than 26L (cabin sized).

Will there be food?

There will be a limited range of food trucks on site to choose from, we suggest you bring cash.

Every attempt is made to ensure all dietary requirements are catered for by the contracted food vendors however if you have a specific dietary requirement it is advised to bring your own food.

Where can I park?

Parking is available onsite and to the west of Bundall Road, however we highly recommend investigating other methods of transport – taxi, Uber, walking, cycling and public transport for getting to the event.

If you are going to drive, please consider carpooling. Parking is limited and there will be high demand for available spaces.

Are passouts available?

Passouts are not available.

I have accessibility and mobility needs, what do I do?

HOTA is committed to providing access to the performing arts for visitors with special needs.

For more information click here and call 5588 4000 for specific requirements.

Is First Aid available?

Yes, First Aid is available on site. Please ask Security, Event staff or First Aid officers for help. Please consider others as well as your own safety. If someone is in need of medical attention please let Security, Event staff or First Aid know so they can help.

What if it rains?

If it does rain the show will go ahead in light showers, however the start time may need to be delayed. The maximum delay would be 30 minutes. If the forecast is for even the possibility of rain bring good quality raincoats and suitable footwear. If the conditions are deemed to be dangerous for either the audience or the performers the show will be cancelled.

The decision to cancel the show will be made as early as possible but may not be made until the day of the show. In the event of inclement weather patrons should check this website and the official Facebook Event page BEFORE departing for the show for messages regarding traffic, parking or wet weather arrangements.

Can I smoke?

Only in the designated Smoking Area.

Where is lost property?

After the event, any lost property will be kept at HOTA reception for a month.

Is the program time likely to change?

Occasionally changes occur that are out of our control, however we deem it unlikely.

Are EFTPOS facilities available?

There is an ATM in the main HOTA building, please access it before coming into the outdoor venue. However it is still recommended to bring enough cash for the day.

Will there be accessible facilities?

Yes. Accessible toilets and parking are available at the venue. Please Note: the outdoor stage has some sloped and uneven areas.

Besides driving what are the transport options to and from the venue?

Instead of driving here we highly recommend investigating other methods of transport – taxi, Uber, walking and cycling. If you are going to drive, please consider carpooling. There will be high demand for every available parking space.

Bus – See to plan your journey.

G:Link – catch the G:Link to Surfers Paradise then walk across Chevron Island and the HOTA Green Bridge – it’s about a 15-minute walk.

Pick up & Drop off – You can be dropped off and picked up from the venue. Please use the dedicated pick up / drop off zone. Drop off and pickup on surrounding roads is not permitted.

Taxis – There are two signed taxi zones within the precinct.

Rideshare – We advise that you get dropped off a short distance away and walk in to avoid being held up by any traffic entering or leaving the precinct.

Ticketed Events – FAQs

Will tickets be available at the gate?

Tickets will not be available at the gate. If tickets are still available on the night of the show you can purchase them from Box Office.

Can lost tickets be replaced?

No. Once the ticket sale is processed the purchase is final. While obviously we sympathise with you if you lose your ticket, we are unable to reissue. Even if we have a record of your purchase, we cannot be certain that other less scrupulous members of the public will not use the ticket.

Who do I contact if I have an enquiry regarding my ticket order/purchase?

Please contact the HOTA box office (07) 5588 4000.

I selected print-at-home but can’t find the confirmation email – how do I print my tickets?

Please contact the HOTA box office (07) 5588 4000.

Ticket Scalping FAQs

What does HOTA do to prevent ticket scalping?

HOTA limits the number of tickets individuals can purchase to a concert. On shows that are considered to be particularly popular, numbers may be greatly limited and special measures may be employed such as lining up in person to purchase tickets, ticket suppression and/or photo identification being required to enter a seat/venue on the night.

We monitor prominent auction sites and unauthorised resellers for tickets that are being sold in breach of our authorised ticketing agencies’ Terms of Sale.

It is worth noting that it is against the Listing Policy of most auction sites and unauthorised resellers to offer products that are not physically in the seller’s possession.

Unfortunately these measures can sometimes inconvenience the patrons we’re trying to protect; however these are the current methods available to us to limit and control scalping. You should seriously consider whether to buy tickets from a scalper.

We also do our best to educate our customers not to purchase tickets via any secondary resale site with messaging on our website and social media channels.

Our hope is that the various Governments will introduce anti-scalping legislation that will protect and look after the interest of honest fans.

Australians are passionate about their music, sport and entertainment and, we believe, shouldn’t be taken advantage of by unscrupulous individuals.

What is HOTA’s position on ticket scalping?

Ticket scalping and the presence of unauthorised resellers is an issue which continues to frustrate many music fans, artists, venues and promoters, including the team at HOTA.

For this event tickets will only be available from HOTA, Home of the Arts – online or at our Box Office.

We know that Australians are as passionate about music and live entertainment as we are and we believe that you shouldn’t be taken advantage of by unscrupulous individuals.

We really cannot stress this enough – fans buying tickets to shows presented by any promoter are warned not to buy tickets from unauthorised operators.

Our only advice is: simply don’t do it.

You don’t know who you’re buying from, the ticket may be in breach of the terms and conditions set by the original ticketing agency (and therefore cancelled), or the same ticket might have been sold multiple times to different people.

We hate seeing patrons pay inflated prices for tickets or turned away because their ticket isn’t valid. Beware of sites offering “100% money back guarantee” as this is not the same as getting to experience the show you have booked tickets for. We constantly see disappointed fans turned away at the door when they present tickets which have either been cancelled, sold multiple times, or are complete fakes.

Not only is it a waste of money, it’s simply heartbreaking for fans when this happens – particularly right outside the venue door.

Unfortunately, when this happens, HOTA is unable to help you in getting a refund or re-issuing the unauthorised ticket.

At no time does HOTA allocate tickets to any of the following organisations: | | | | | Ticketmaster Resale (accessible via

Scalpers also use the platform Ticketmaster Resale but that does not make them authorised sellers. This can be confusing because Ticketmaster is an official ticketing outlet.

Ticketmaster and Ticketmaster Resale are two different things – there is no guarantee that tickets bought on Ticketmaster Resale will be valid tickets.

The only way you can be assured of paying the correct prices and actually receiving valid tickets is by purchasing via our official ticketing system

If you have any doubts, visit for direct links to each of our events.

The ACCC and each state’s consumer affairs body can provide further information as to your rights in relation to unauthorised ticketing sites.

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